Capitals Quiz (Europe): How Good Is Your Geography?

capitals quiz europe Hello traveler! I see that you're ready to begin the European Capitals Quiz. Good! But before you start, read a few words about capitals.

Capital is the main city of a country, where usually seat of government is located. The word "capital" comes from Latin caput and means "head". The biggest capital in Europe is Moscow with 16,170,000 metropolitan area. London is on the second place.

There are 51 capitals in total in Europe. You can test your knowledge about 20 of them in this trivia quiz. Are you good at geography? Do you think you can solve this quiz with ease? Let's find out!

In order to complete the Capitals Quiz Europe, you have to answer all questions correctly. You will get information if your answer was correct or wrong after each question. If your answer will be wrong, then at the end of the quiz you will have to answer it again, so watch out!

Is your knowledge about European Capitals good enough to solve this quiz? Good luck!

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