Famous Movie Trivia Questions – Can You Solve This Quiz?

famous movie trivia questions

Do you watch movies? Do you consider yourself a movie fan? You can test your knowledge in this Famous Movie Trivia Questions Quiz.

Famous Movies

One cannot deny that watching movies is one of the best forms of spending free time as well as they are giving much fun. Thanks to the films, you can also learn many interesting things. Every movie will give you something; tears, laugh, happiness, sadness, information about the given topic.

They are divided into many categories, so everyone can find something for themselves. Humour? Documentary? Horror? Anything you can imagine. Some of them are based on books, like "Harry Potter" or "The Lord of the Rings". Some are animated computer-made. Some are located in the past, and some in the future. Some are in another world - like The Hunger Games. Some are just... normal, like Mean Girls. if you are looking for new movies to watch, you can always check the Internet Movie Database (IMDB) website.

Which category is your favorite? We have prepared 15 movies from different categories in this trivia quiz, so you have to be versatile in order to reach the final page. Famous movies are known by almost everyone, but do you know who played the main roles in them? It may seem easy to guess, but we ensure you that you won't pass this quiz on your first try! If you love movies, then you have more chances of winning. Playing the quiz can offer you a high level of fun and entertainment.

Quiz Information

In order to complete the Famous Movie Trivia Questions Quiz, you have to go through 15 questions about actors who played the main roles in these movies.

Show us that you are a real movie-maniac and solve this trivia-quiz. Good luck!

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