Naruto Quiz: You’ll NOT Get The Maximum Score!

Naruto Quiz

naruto quiz

Naruto Quiz - Quick Check of Your Knowledge!

Are you one of the fans of Naruto? Moreover, do you also want to live in ninja village and learn some Jutsu techniques? So, if you are a big fan, you already know more about in this animated series. The main character of this series is a young boy named Uzumaki Naruto who dreams of becoming the leader to their Hidden village. If you already have seen some of their series maybe it’s going easy for you to take this Naruto Quiz. You can find out how much you know about the scenes or story of Naruto.

If you know more about Naruto, this may be only an easy recall for you of some scene. By answering the questions in the Naruto Quiz, you will be going fun and enjoy in every question you may going to answer. If you get a high score, you can take that as you are already part of the group of Naruto that takes a journey in their country. Here are some examples of questions that you need to answer in Naruto quiz:

  • Who was the first ninja character to beat Sasuke with his Sharingan?
  • Who killed Izuna?
  • Who was the ninja that used the most swords in a single battle?
  • In what village referred to the name “Otogakure”?
  • Who was killed the fourth Kazekage?
  • Who was the mastermind in the killing of Yahiko?
  • Did Naruto marry Hinata?
  • Who was the first and last general member of the Akatsuki?
  • What is the first Naruto original Jutsu?
  • Who was the ninja to see the Amaterasu flames?

Some questions Naruto Quiz may contain, and I know it is easy for you to answer and get a high score. You must try it and find the scene that still now you know and stick in your mind in watching Naruto. So, what are you waiting on? Take and try to answer the quiz now!