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  • I'm open and kind, I ask a lot of questions

  • I tell a lot about myself right away

  • I'm silent

Am I Ugly?


They say beauty lies in the eyes of the beholder. When speaking of ugly, it is not necessary that you have to look ugly externally. A person's real beauty lies as to what gets reflected on their face from the inside. Your inner personality reveals your real beauty. Just take the 'am I ugly quiz' to keep track of your personality's ugliness.

If you need to check your ugly levels, then you need to take up this am I ugly quiz. This quiz is not intended to make you feel dejected or pathetic about yourself. It just serves the purpose of you to retrospect your behavior and guides you to self-realize to a certain extent, and paves the way for enlightenment in little amounts. This quiz is no supplement to consulting a psychologist or a psychiatrist to understand your original self and evaluate your ugliness quotient based on the answers you provide.

Finally, if, after learning the most common behaviors that may make your personality ugly, you can see even a small part of yourself, then you should take the am I ugly quiz. You'll know soon enough if you're an ugly person.