Super Mario Quiz! Is He In Another Castle?

Super Mario Quiz

super mario quiz Mario - Main Character Of The Game Series

The main character of the game is obviously Mario! This little guy is trying to save the princess from a big bad dragon-turtle-like beast. After each world (level) he encounters this monster and fights it. However, after Mario wins the fight he notices that the princess is in another castle. And it goes over and over again.. poor Mario. But don't worry! You can help him by completing this Super Mario Quiz!

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A Few Interesting Facts About Mario (Character) Before You Start The Quiz
    • Mario is voiced by Charles Martinet
    • 10 March is National Mario Day
    • His name was Jumpman at first, then it was changed to Mario
    • Wario is Mario's nemesis
    • Mario originally was a carpenter

Want to know more facts about Mario and in general about Mario Games? Check The Guardian's Super Mario Bros: 25 Mario facts for the 25th anniversary.


In order to complete the Super Mario Quiz, you have to answer every question correctly. That's not all. If you fail to answer a question, then you will be redirected to the very beginning of the quiz, so be careful.

Do you know enough about Mario to reach the final page with ease? Good luck!