QUIZ: Should I Text Him? Be 100% Sure

should I text him quiz

Today, most relationships start on social media, which is something that would have seemed taboo for a mere 20 years. Even more importantly, it would have seemed impossible. Should I text him? Take the quiz and find out. 

Think Twice Before Reacting

To reach out to a prospective mate is a difficult decision, even more so for a female. It would seem guys are more comfortable with asking girls out on a date. Females, on the other hand, are struggling to play catch-up. 

Fortunately, dating has greatly evolved over the last few decades. Now, it is nothing for a girl to approach a boy for a date. With this said, making the first move is a bit risky. Should you text him?

Some males are not too keen on a girl approaching them first. Others find it charming and sexy. It all depends on the guy, which only amps up the complexity. Thinking twice before reacting is key to making the right decision.

Personality Factor

There is always much more for the fairer sex to consider when making such a big decision. Depending on the situation, the outcome could lead to many future awkward encounters. 

It is truly not unusual for women to find their co-workers, teammates, and other close acquaintances attractive. However, this does not necessarily mean a text is the right move.

It would be safe to say if his personality is similar to yours, there is the slightest chance of a successful outcome. Compare his personality traits to that of your own. 

Your prospective mate’s personality will not only help you determine whether or not to send a text. It can also help phrase the opening line. If he is an introvert, it is vital not to make him feel embarrassed, as well as yourself.

Consider Your Goals

Being physically attracted to someone is much more important than most people believe. However, it is not merely as important as being loved and treated as an equal. Kindness, supportiveness, and respectability are everything in a relationship.

Do you think this person will help you reach your goals? If so, a text may be in order. If not, it is best to drop it sooner than later. Your professional and personal goals mean everything to you. Never let a man take that away from you, no matter what.

Emotional Evaluation

Once again, it will only benefit you to evaluate your emotional state before sending him a text. Are you emotionally ready for someone new in your life? If the answer is “yes,” nothing should stop you from sending the text.

Regardless of how well someone can suppress their emotions, they will never remain completely detectable. Having your mate feel the tensions or anxiety in your words is one thing.

It is vital to remember men have good senses. They sense energies and emotions from women. The mere hint of stress, anger, or depression could send the wrong message. A bad energy will prevent you from properly conveying your message. Waiting an additional 12 or 24 hours, at the very least, could help you better refine your approach.

Is A Text Appropriate

There is no doubt SMS messaging has improved communications between all sexes. Many singles will agree a text is the safest approach to asking a guy out. It will definitely render the less embarrassing outcome if the return text is not to your liking.

A text may seem simple but only in a rash decision. Consider all possibilities before sending him a text. There are other forms of communication, including the traditional handwritten note. While a text is quicker, a handwritten note offers the same benefit. 

Should you text him? Take the quiz to find out.



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