QUIZ: What Anime Should I Watch?

what anime should I watch
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Anime is an extensive genre that has steadily grown in popularity. Although some argue it is only a cartoon style, this couldn’t be further from the truth. Anime is a unique genre featuring lifelike characters, compelling stories, and beautiful graphics. What Anime should I watch?

You’ve probably asked this at some point after finishing another series. Since there are so many great anime shows, it can be difficult to choose a new series. Although each project is great, you’ll want to make sure that your time is spent wisely. Therefore, you should complete the quiz on this page.

It will point you in the right direction after analyzing your answers.

Explore The World Of Anime

Many believe anime and cartoons are identical. Ultimately, this is not true because anime is a unique genre. It tends to feature hand-drawn characters, although some scenes are computer generated. Most anime projects are made in Japan, but international companies have started creating anime as the genre has become more popular.

Anime features beautiful characters with large eyes. The shows in this category vary widely since some cover historical events, and others focus on sexual themes. The graphical style tends to be the same across each anime.

Discover The Best Anime And Unleash Your Inner Otaku

“What anime should I watch?” If you’ve asked this question, you should finish the quiz. It’ll help you find the best anime based on your personality and viewing preferences. Some of the top anime shows include Dragon Ball Z, Made In Abyss, Trigun, Jojo’s Bizarre, My Hero Academia, and more.

Dragon Ball Z

Are you the type of person that thrives in hectic situations? You’ll find plenty of hard-hitting action with Dragon Ball Z, but that’s honestly not what drives the show. Being produced during the 80s, the anime is more of a throwback to that simpler time, with characters that possess the strongest moral values and an innate nature to protect. 

One Piece

Do you find yourself frequently putting others’ needs before yours? While this might be natural for a parent, cultivating a friendship is an entirely different experience. A very social person with deep values of friendship or community will feel right at home with the anime One Piece. Although every member of this rough crew is out for their own, they always come together when it involves the well-being of one of the members of their close-knit community.

Paradise Kiss

As a romantic, you likely share traits and a personality with many dreamers. Do you find that it’s easy for you to get lost in your own desires and dreams? That is just one part of what will Paradise Kiss, the perfect anime for you. The show is also suited for a more mature audience with a deeper understanding of both sexuality and heartbreak. Deep romantic entanglements set amongst a coming-of-age cast make this series perfect for dreamers.

Death Note

Are you constantly mesmerized by the depths of the human mind? You probably find yourself contemplating why certain individuals make the choices they make. That likely means you are fascinated with the psychological nature of the mind, making the anime Death Note the perfect watch for you.

Complete The Quiz To Find A Perfect Anime For You

What anime should I watch? Before choosing one at random, you should complete the quiz on this page. Industry experts and anime enthusiasts created it. These individuals know more about anime than anyone, so they can help you find an anime that you’re going to love.

All you have to do is answer a handful of simple questions. Then, the innovative system will analyze your answers to find the best anime for you. Using the quiz guarantees that you’ll be satisfied with the viewing experience.



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