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am I a pick me girl quiz

Every now and then, new terms appear online, invented mainly by young people. Pick me girl is the term that appears most often on TikTok, but not only. On all sorts of social media platforms, you will find a vast number of videos or posts making fun of such girls. So if you are also asking yourself the question, "am I a pick me girl?" check out our quiz and find out if you belong to this group.

What is a "pick me girl"?

The term "pick me girl" is used to describe a girl who tries to please boys at all costs using unsophisticated methods. For example, she insults other representatives of her sex or pretends that the most straightforward activities cause her a huge problem just to win the sympathy of the opposite sex. You can often hear the statement, "I am different from all the girls" from them.

What else can you tell if you are a "pick me girl"? We have created a list of behaviors that definitively prove that this term describes you.

Defining herself as different from everyone else

The typical pick me girl insists that she is entirely different from most (if not all) girls. Out of her mouth often comes the statement that she doesn't like people of the same sex, and she even challenges the model of femininity. All this just to make herself look as good as possible in the eyes of the opposite sex.

Does everything for show

99% of such a girl's behavior is based on gaining men's attention. Everything, literally everything, is done for show, just so that the eyes of admirers are directed exclusively at them.

Hostility towards women

The typical pick me girl believes (or simply pretends to believe) that all other women are the worst. They treat them as their greatest enemies. Negative attitudes toward representatives of their own sex are their daily bread.

Interestingly, most of the women we can describe by this term exhibit misogynistic behavior. Misogyny is hatred, contempt, or prejudice against women.


The above are the main characteristics that distinguish this group of girls. If any of these behaviors are deceptively similar to your everyday life, then our 'Am I A Pick Me Girl?' Quiz is definitely for you. All you need to do is to answer a dozen questions, and the result will be as efficient as possible.

Remember that in life, there should be a balance in everything. It is not worth it to suck up to the opposite sex just to get them to pay attention to us. This very often produces the opposite effect. It is not worth building your values on the misfortune of another person. So, are you a pick me girl or not? Good luck!



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