QUIZ: Is It Love or Lust? Get 100% Reliable Answer

is it love or lust quiz

Every relationship begins with optimism and skepticism. Some people struggle more than others trying to accept someone new in their lives. This is especially true for singles who have repeatedly had their hearts broken. Is it love or lust? Take the quiz to find out.

Never Base It On The First Date

No one should base a future happy relationship possibility on a first date. Unfortunately, too many singles have done exactly this, which resulted in sheer disappointment. 

The outcome of a first date should have little emphasis on your decision to end it or move forward. A lot more should be considered to ensure the best outcome for both parties.

Is The Feeling Two-Sided

The key to determining if a date is worth pursuing is finding out if the feelings are two-sided. In order words, the emotions of fresh love should be reciprocated. Both parties should share the same feelings, regardless if it is just a love interest or deep love.

There is no doubt lust can overrule most emotions any day of the week. Lust is a strong desire for intimacy with little to no strong feelings. It is not unusual for people to lust after their partners. However, lust should accompany a deep loving feeling. 

Emotions Evolve Into Love

Is love at first sight a myth? One thing is for sure; it is extremely rare. Not many people can truthfully say they have experienced it. Emotions evolve gradually over time. Some of us wonder if they’ll ever find love.

What Is The Difference?

Although love and lust have a lot in common, there are major differences between these feelings. Lust is more about sexuality and being physical with the person in question. If you’re lusting after someone, you probably want to take them to the bedroom. Once you’ve done that, your feelings may dissipate, and you may no longer be attracted to that person.

Love is deeper and more meaningful. When you love someone, you’ll want to be intimate with that person. You’ll truly care about building a deeper, stronger relationship with them. You should never get into a relationship with someone based on feelings of lust. Instead, you should make sure that you love them.

If you truly love that person, you’ll do everything possible to ensure that the relationship thrives. If it is only lust, the relationship will falter at the first sign of trouble. One of our quizzes answers another similar question – am I in love?

Telling Them Apart

You can tell the difference between lust and love based on your emotions. You need to find out how hard you’re willing to work to maintain the relationship. When you’re in love, you will do anything to keep your partner happy. You’ll go above and beyond to ensure that everything works out. If it is lust, you’re probably not going to feel the same.

When you’re in love with someone, you’re going to be willing to accept their flaws. You won’t care if they have bad breath in the morning. The same can’t be said about lust. With lust, you’re going to lose interest in that person when you notice their flaws.

The easiest way to determine whether you’re in lust or love is to complete the test on this page.

Discover The Truth With Our Quiz

Is it love or lust? Our quiz will provide an accurate result to this question. Don’t guess because doing so could lead to heartbreak in the future. If you are only lusting after your partner, you don’t want to enter a long-term relationship. Instead, you need to make sure that you sincerely love this individual.

Take the quiz on this page to ensure that you’re really in love. The test was created by relationship experts so you can be confident that you’re getting an accurate answer.



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