QUIZ: Am I Toxic? Super Accurate Test!

am i toxic quiz

You've surely come across toxic people in your life. We can know such people primarily by their behavior. When a red light flashes in your head immediately during a conversation, it's a sign that something is wrong. There is a lot of talk about toxic people these days, but do you know how to recognize such a person? Have you ever wondered if maybe you are a toxic person? Take the am I toxic quiz and you will get the answer to your question.

Whether or not you are toxic can be inferred from your behavior. Do you know what behaviors characterize a toxic person? What to look for? A toxic person is one who "poisons" himself and acts to his detriment. Quite a popular term for such people is "energy vampire". As a rule, we assign such a term to people who make us feel hopeless and make our ideas suck. When such toxic people appear in our environment, they can drain all our energy and effectively discourage any of our actions.

Are You A Toxic Person?

What behaviors really characterize a toxic person? Here are some points that will help you tell if you are a toxic person. After reading them, start am I toxic quiz to 100% confirm or contradict your guess.

You are trying to control others

Trying to control your loved ones is unhealthy. If you are trying to control your friends or family at every turn, then something is wrong.

You think you are always right

If you don't accept their opinion when talking to your friends, even though you know they are right, it makes you toxic. You should know when to agree with others while admitting your mistake.

You change partners often

If you change partners a lot, keep meeting the wrong person, there is always some problem, frequent arguments, it is a sign that something may be wrong. Of course, there are times when we can't find the perfect match, but when this happens too often, and you change partners every few months on average, it may be a sign that you are toxic.

You should stop at this point for a while. Because the fact that you change partners often depends not only on you but also on the other person. You should always check if your crush really likes you before starting another relationship.

You have no friends

Unfortunately, it also happens that toxic people have no friends. They reject every person they meet with their behavior. Toxic people do not accept their fate, and even think that they have no friends through no fault of their own. They blame everyone around them, but not themselves.

You talk about yourself all the time

This is a common problem. We will try to illustrate it: you meet with an old friend by accident, you ask him what's up, you exchange a few sentences. After the first few sentences, you start talking about yourself and you don't even remember what your friend said. Your conversation ends with the fact that you have told a lot of things about yourself and did not let your interlocutor speak. You were conducting the monologue.

Maybe you're not toxic, and that's not where the problem lies. Perhaps you are downright boring, which is why people are pulling away from you. Find out with the Am I Boring Quiz.

Am I Toxic Quiz - How to Play?

The rules of the quiz are very simple. Your task is to answer all the questions in the quiz, and when you get to the end, you will finally find out if you are a toxic person. The questions will mainly be about how you behave with your friends and family. Additionally, we will present you with a few fictional situations in which you will have to find yourself. Ready? Let's get started!