QUIZ: Am I A Bad Person? 100% Accurate!

am i a bad person quiz

If someone asked you if you're a good person, what would your answer be? You would probably say yes. You'd quickly compare yourself with other people, who have done serious crimes and other bad things. If they have done bad things, and you didn't, then you can't be a bad person. Unfortunately, that's not the way it works and your thinking is wrong. Just because you're not like the others doesn't make you good right away. There is a better way to find out if you're bad or not.

It's fair to say that most people think of themselves as being good people. However, is it really so? Each of us has some flaws, we sometimes upset our loved ones or make them sad. But what really makes us bad or good people? To answer this question, you need to ask yourself some non-obvious questions. In case you are still wondering: "Am I A Bad Person?" then you should definitely take this quiz and the answer will be one hundred percent accurate! This carefully crafted quiz will surely answer your question of whether you are a bad person or not.

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What Proves That I Am Good (Or Bad) Person?

To find out if you are a bad or good person, you need to ask yourself a few questions and answer each of them as honestly as possible. Only by doing this will you be sure what type of person you are.

Are You Sincere?

It might seem that honesty has nothing to do with kindness. On the contrary. By building a relationship on a lie, you expose the other person to suffering or disappointment from the very beginning. When the truth comes out, that person will certainly not be comfortable with your lying to them. A good person should be honest in human relationships. Above all, a good person should care about relationships with the people he cares about.

When we are on the topic of relationships, everyone who considers himself a good person should definitely never cheat on his partner.

Are You Kind?

You don't have to like everyone, of course, but you should at least try to be kind. Of course, there are times when someone is rude to you and you reciprocate. Good people try to treat others with kindness. The obvious fact is that each person has good and bad sides. It is important that you try to find and notice these good qualities in other people.

Can You Share With Others?

This is another quality of a good person: sharing not only material goods, but also love, energy, or even a good word. The whole world is based on competition. However, a good person should be able to understand another person and be willing to help. Do you work in a group of several people? Try to cooperate, do not compete. Do you have a loved one? Tell her/him about it as often as possible. Surely you can think of situations when someone helped you in some way, shared something with you. Remember about such situations when you can give something to someone.

Do You Respect The Earth? Do You Care For The Environment?

A good and, above all wise person not only thinks about himself but also about his surroundings. If you are trying to care for the environment, you are definitely a good person. This means that you do not live only for yourself, but you also think about those who will live on Earth in several dozen or even several hundred years.

Am I A Bad Person Quiz - How to Play?

This quiz consists of 15 expertly selected questions. Each question will be about you or the situation you would be in. Your job is to answer each of these questions as honestly as you can. Whenever you will be asked about a given situation, try to imagine yourself there and answer as best you can. Once you have answered all the questions, you will see the final page of the quiz, where an answer to whether you're a bad person will be waiting for you.