Am I Selfish? Quiz – Know The Answer

am I selfish quiz

How often do you struggle with your thoughts, wondering if you have acted selfishly? It is quite common for people to accuse us of being selfish. However, how can we say unequivocally that this term is accurate? Perhaps this term is used excessively - inappropriately, or perhaps unfairly? Today we will consider how to recognize a selfish person, how such a person differs from an egoist, in order to end his torment and find out what bothers us. The 'am I selfish quiz' comes to the rescue. The quiz will answer your question in an original way, using many useful practices and techniques.


What does it mean to be selfish?

First of all, to understand what it really means to be selfish, we need to look in the dictionary for the definition of the word. Selfish - a term for a person who thinks only about himself and his own interests. A selfish person pays all his attention to his own affairs rather than to others. The term is so broad that it is quite difficult to define such a person in a few words.

For some, being selfish can mean never doing anything for others. It is very important to analyze and interpret a person's behavior. Imagine the situation: you need urgent help, a favor from a person whom you have helped yourself selflessly many times. However, this person refuses to help, arguing it with a lack of time. In this case, the definition of a selfish person may be accurate. However, there are many similar situations where someone just doesn't have time because they are busy. Can we consider such a person selfish? It all depends on our own interpretation.

How would you feel if someone called you selfish based on one incident when you just didn't have time because you were busy with something important? You would certainly be upset as this is just not fair. In short, if we didn't do something for someone when they asked us to do it, it doesn't necessarily mean that we are selfish.

How to think about your well-being and not be selfish?

As you've already noticed, the matter is a bit complicated. Therefore, the am I selfish quiz is an ideal form of checking whether you can actually consider yourself such a person. However, we will continue to the quiz in a short while. This seemingly trivial topic is so developed that it would be worth getting acquainted with a few important facts.

To explain the common problems with defining a selfish person in the simplest possible way, we will use a simple example.

Michael has been taking care of his sick neighbor every day for many months. He gets up early in the morning and tries to help as much as he can. One day Michael had something important to do and unfortunately, he was unable to help. It turned out that the matter was very important and would take a few more days. During this time, Michael's neighbor is left without help. Can we consider such a situation as being selfish? Does Michael lack self-discipline? Is he a bad person? In any event, there are simply times when there is no physical ability, despite wanting to.

The behavior described above does not make you a selfish person. It is actually quite the opposite. However, one such fact can make others consider you selfish. That is why it is so important to interpret and familiarize yourself with a given situation longer.

Am I Selfish Quiz

Enough of this theory, it's time to go into practice. As we can find out, the concept of selfishness is a bit complicated and depends a lot on your point of view. However, to make things easier for all those who are looking for answers, we have created the am I selfish quiz. A one-of-a-kind test that can tell you whether you are selfish or not. Your only task is to answer some crucial questions.