QUIZ: Where Are You From? Can We Guess It?

where are you from quiz

Do you sometimes feel like you don’t fit where you were born? Do you think that your roots come from somewhere completely different? Or maybe your great-great-grandfather lived on some picturesque island, and your heart is drawn there? If you wonder about such things, it’s an excellent opportunity to take this ‘where am I from?’ quiz and learn the truth! Do you hail from a different place than the one you’ve functioned in so far? You will soon find out! Will you be surprised? Let’s see.

It is impossible to say unequivocally that a person born, for example: in China will behave like most Chinese. From what is generally known, China is a country that controls its citizens quite strongly. The regime in place has such a strong influence on society that most of the population tries to submit to its authority. Thus, a person is born in China but politically has different opinions and values. So the question then arises – where am I from?

Your place of confusion is a mere coincidence, a sequence of events that caused you to be born in this very place. There is nothing wrong with feeling at times as if you hail from a completely different place.

Perhaps your nation is characterized by the fact that people are mostly unkind, often sad, and don’t help each other. You, on the other hand, are not like that at all. On the contrary: you are talkative and friendly, eager to support other people, and a smile never leaves you. If this is precisely the case with you, we’re not surprised that you can’t find your way in your country! It must be an extraordinary feeling when everyone around you walks around pouting while happiness beams from you.

This is a powerful argument to wonder where on earth is the right place for you, where the rest of the people are just like you. You may also ask, “where should I live?

According to statistical information, you can find out in which countries live people who are very kind, caring, without complexes, worrying about nothing, punctual and hardworking. If you belong to any of these groups, it would probably be paradise on earth for you! Here are the countries where your soul may have come from:


Australian citizens are very laid-back, and the excellent climate is conducive to great well-being.


Tolerance and freedom are the middle names of this country. There, no one will feel excluded.


Norway is a joyful nation, and maintaining a smile on its face will not be prevented even by the weather.


Openness to others is the domain of people from the USA. If you want to go to the store in your pajamas, no one will look at you as if you were insane.


Canadian citizens are proud of their origins and are very hardworking.

New Zealand

New Zealand citizens are characterized by a very high level of trust toward others and a lot of freedom in life.


Swedish people are polite and eager to make contact with strangers.

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Irish people like to spend time in the company and are pretty direct.

Final Thoughts Before The Quiz Starts

Do you already know where you might be coming from? Do you know where you are from yet? Do your spiritual roots integrate with the people of any of the countries mentioned? If the people around you are close-minded and you don’t fit in, you are likely from the US. Do you wonder which country best reflects your true self? Which one should you identify with? Don’t think any longer and take the quiz. Answer a dozen questions, and you will soon discover which community your heart is drawn to!



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