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In 1913, the Welsh psychoanalyst Ernest Jones created a new concept that describes people claiming to have supernatural abilities or unlimited possibilities. He called it the God complex. One of the characters who suffered from the God complex is Satan himself. However, it turns out that this is not only a trait of Satan but also happens to people. You should consider starting the God Complex Test. Perhaps you are one of the people affected by this state of mind.

Naturally, the name of this disorder didn't come from nowhere. People suffering from the "God Complex" have disorders that make them feel equal to God. They demand special treatment and often try to subjugate others.

Many disorders are confusingly similar to the title ones, for example, sociopathy or narcissism. However, as the two mentioned, the god complex has its own characteristic features, thanks to which we can make an accurate diagnosis. The God Complex Test comes to the rescue. Thanks to carefully selected questions, we will thoroughly analyze your personality and determine if you suffer from such a disorder.

What is a God Complex?

Also known as the syndrome of God. When describing this condition, it is stated that it is a mental disorder. People suffering from this complex feel equal to God. They feel that they have superhuman abilities, demand special treatment, try to subjugate others. They live in illusion. Moreover, they claim to be omnipotent, and nothing is impossible for them. They think that they can implement all, even the craziest and unrealistic plans.

A person suffering from this mental state puts himself above others, above the whole society. Moreover, he considers that the legal norms do not apply to him. The rules and norms of functioning in society are completely irrelevant to such a person.

Symptoms of the God complex

A man who suffers from a syndrome of God is most common:

  • seriously mentally disturbed - suffers from schizophrenia or other diseases
  • believes that he is a superman
  • claims to have all the knowledge
  • believes that nothing is impossible for him
  • thinks they can rule the world
  • negatively evaluates others
  • believes that he has supernatural powers
  • is arrogant with others
  • manipulates others
  • is dependent on having power
  • relate with superiority to other people whom he considers sub-units to itself

Sounds familiar? Don't hesitate, start the test and check if you or someone close to you suffers from this condition.

God complex and sociopathism, egocentrism or narcissism

Some aspects of the God complex can be seen very often in people suffering from the above conditions. Such people have a few things in common. They are convinced of their uniqueness, consider themselves better than others, impose their opinion on others, and always believe that they are right and infallible. They are almost always characterized by a lack of empathy and the lack of the ability to feel basic human emotions.

Distinguishing these disorders is not one of the easiest tasks. However, it must be emphasized that selfishness or narcissism is something else entirely. In such cases, a person with a narcissistic or selfish personality is mentally fit and able to stay sober of mind. On the other hand, God syndrome is a mental illness that can lead to many dangers, and it always requires treatment.

Should I Take The God Complex Test?

This syndrome is hazardous and requires treatment. The God Complex test is a good idea to get even a little closer to the diagnosis. Note, however, that this test is not scientifically validated and is designed for entertainment purposes only. No personality test available on the Internet gives an effective diagnosis. The only correct procedure is to contact a specialist who deals with mental disorders.



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