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am I dehydrated quiz

If you often face relatively non-specific symptoms and ailments that hinder your daily functioning, it would be necessary to find the cause. Water, which is essential for every human being, or rather, its deficiency, is one of the reasons why we feel worse. So if you often ask yourself the question, "am I dehydrated?" our quiz will allow you to assess your health and clearly answer this question in just a few minutes.

Am I Dehydrated? This Simple Quiz Has the Answer

Dehydration has many symptoms. However, they are pretty non-specific. Therefore, it is essential to diagnose yourself correctly. It would help if you did not ignore symptoms such as increased thirst, headaches, and dizziness, or dry mouth mucous membranes. Going further, dehydration is also accompanied by less frequent urination. After a long time, lethargy, irritability, and lack of appetite also appear. If the above complaints accompany you quite often, you may be dehydrated.

In extreme cases, that is, severe dehydration, you may experience accelerated heart rate, fever, and loss of skin elasticity. Further down the line, a highly dehydrated person may experience unconsciousness, seizures, or a drop in blood pressure. This is why it is so important to take care of your hydration.

How much water should an adult drink, and how much should a child drink?

The water needs of an adult are slightly different from those of minors. This is mainly related to the gainful employment we do. In addition, the needs of an adult are different from other adults. However, a recommendation issued by The U.S. National Academies of Sciences, Engineering, and Medicine says that an adult male should consume about 3.7 liters of water a day. In comparison, an adult female should drink 2.7 liters. Importantly, this does not refer to the consumption of water alone but beverages containing water. Also, about 20% of the daily water requirement is consumed with meals.

If we are talking about children, the recommended water intake is less than for adults and is as follows:

  • 5 to 8 years old: 1 liter
  • 9 to 12 years old: 1.5 liters
  • 13 years and older: 2 liters

How do I check if I'm dehydrated by myself?

There are several ways to assess our hydration level.

Urine color

This is the simplest way to assess independently, in home conditions, whether the body is dehydrated. It is enough to verify the color of urine. In the case of dehydration, urine color is much darker than usual, and its excretion is reduced. The color that indicates that the body is well hydrated is a straw color.

Skin turgor test

Another way to assess hydration level is the skin test, the so-called skin turgor test. It is trivially simple. It involves pinching the skin on the top of your hand, holding it for a few seconds, and letting go. If the skin returns to its original shape in a fraction of a second, everything is well. However, if the deformation persists for a more extended period of time, it may indicate dehydration.

What Else Should You Know Before Taking the Am I Dehydrated Test?

If you are accompanied by ailments of unknown cause, the first step should be to contact your doctor. Only a qualified doctor is able to make an accurate diagnosis and, if necessary, implement appropriate treatment. A water deficiency test can, of course, get you some way closer to an accurate diagnosis, but it will never be an appropriate tool for self-treatment. So if you are uncertain about your condition, take advantage of your doctor's expertise and make an appointment.

Therefore, if you are fully aware that our "am I dehydrated?" quiz is just an online test, not intended to replace your doctor's opinion, then you can get started. Answer the 15 questions meticulously, and everything will become clear. You may be able to get rid of your ailment.



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