Mental Age Test – What’s Your Mental Age?


You probably realize that in addition to biological age, each of us has his mental age yet, i.e., related to how we think, act, and talk. In other words, some people can be mentally older than they really are, and some, on the contrary, can be mentally younger. Today we will play in discovering how old your soul is, what is your mental age. For this purpose, you will have to answer a few questions about your person when you will go through the Mental Age test.

Each of us knows how old he or she is. Finally, it is effortless to calculate it because it depends on our birth date and grows from year to year. However, does our biological age say anything about us? It is said that age is just a number, and somewhat it is true. Mental age speaks much more than numbers in the metric. The mental age reflects our character, our joy in life, and the way we behave. You can have a very young body and at the same time an old soul, or on the contrary - an old body and a soul of a teenager.

What's My Mental Age?

Are you a teenager, but everyone tells you that you are extremely mature for your age? Or, on the contrary, you're closer to your fifties, but you feel like 20 years old? If you struggle with such a sweeper, you've come to the perfect place. It's time to reveal your real mental age.

There are many ways to calculate mental age. Some of them are tests of intelligence or personality. Then the results of such a test are compared to the results of other people of the same physical age. Thanks to the fact that you will solve Mental Age Test today, you will also contribute to the fact that other people, at an age similar to yours, will be able to get an ideal answer to what is their actual mental age.

To determine the mental age of a given person, you have to focus on several important elements. First of all, check how a person thinks and behaves. Secondly, one should think about how many years we feel. This is a significant thing.

There are several stages in human life that can diametrically affect our mental age. Persons between 30 and 40 years of age are very often observing physical changes. They feel that they are aging. This fact harms their perception of the world, which mentally adds little years.

Time for some statistics that will present a sense of mental age in individual people.

According to the New Zealand Psychiatrist Renee Ross, 55% of people have a senior psyche than the body. Only 38% of people feel mentally younger than they indicate their biological age. Finally, only 7% of people have in their heads as many years as it follows from their metrics.

The greater the difference between the mental and real age, the greater the risk of potential psychological disorders and difficulties in relations with others. People who are much older mentally than their biological age have difficulty getting along with their peers and are additionally exposed to depression. In turn, people whose mental age is at least 10 years younger than their biological age have difficulty with everyday duties, building lasting relationships, or maintaining friendships.

It's easy to conclude that the happiest people are those whose psychological age goes hand in hand with their biological age.

Mental Age Test

It's time to solve the test. The mental age test consists of 15 questions. It is worth adding that there are no incorrect answers in our quiz. Each answer means something else, and your mental age will be calculated on its basis.

Solving psychological tests is an interesting way to discover interesting things about your personality, fears, and expectations, or as in this case - your mental age. All you have to do is answer a few questions, and everything will be clear.



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