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hypersexual test

Hypersexuality is a group of sexual disorders that can affect both men and women. People suffering from this condition experience excessive sexual desire, which can have a wide variety of causes. The vast majority of the underlying causes of this problem are various types of psychological ailments. Take the Hypersexual Test if you are concerned that you may be suffering from this disorder.

Sexuality is undoubtedly an integral part of human life. However, there are times when certain deviations from pleasant norms occur in this sphere. So, if the question “am I hypersexual?” keeps popping up in your head, you should definitely seek advice from a specialist.

What Is Hypersexuality?

This disorder in women is called nymphomania, and in men – satyriasis. As mentioned above, hypersexuality is a set of symptoms that include excessive sexual activity. In a nutshell, we can say that it is sex addiction or sexual impulsivity.

For a hypersexual person, sex is treated as an object and does not represent a greater value. Such a person bases sexual contact solely on pleasure, not basing it on feelings or emotional closeness. In addition, sufferers often have trouble forming relationships with the opposite sex and building long-term relationships.

Symptoms Of Hypersexuality

The fundamental manifestation of hypersexuality is an increased, heightened libido and behaviors aimed at satisfying the urge. However, this phenomenon becomes problematic and can be considered a disorder when:

  • Causes psychological discomfort in the sufferer
  • Satisfying the desire becomes a priority, and the patient neglects duties and other areas of life
  • The patient does not control his own sexual behavior
  • Sexual activity is the only dominant way to cope with stress and negative emotions

Do any of the symptoms mentioned above resemble your daily behaviors to an illusion? Still not sure? Just solve the hypersexual test, and everything will be clear.

Causes Of Hypersexuality

In the vast majority of cases, this disorder does not occur as a single disease entity. Some somatic diseases can be a prelude to hypersexuality. Most commonly, these are diseases that disrupt normal brain function or hormonal balance. These include:

  • Hyperandrogenism
  • Encephalopathies
  • Neurodegenerative diseases

Hypersexuality, which is a consequence of one of the diseases mentioned above, usually takes years to develop. Thus, if one has encountered a sudden increase in libido and sexual desire, the cause may be a neurological disorder, hormonal drugs, or psychoactive substances taken.

In addition, hypersexuality is also found in people struggling with depression, severe stress, or low self-esteem.

What Should You Know Before Taking the Hypersexual Test?

We’ve prepared this test for every person who has difficulties finding their true self. We have prepared 15 questions that, to some extent, will help you get closer to the truth and the correct diagnosis. You only need to spend 5 minutes answering as honestly as possible, and the result will be accurate. If you are still bothered by this question – “am I hypersexual?” it’s time to find the answer.

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The material and information contained in this article are for general information purposes only. They are not intended to replace professional medical advice, treatment, or diagnosis.

Our quiz does not constitute medical advice, and it is for entertainment purposes only. If you are experiencing symptoms of illness, please seek the advice of a qualified physician.



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