WW2 Quiz: How Much Do You Know About World War II?

ww2 quiz

What was the immediate cause of the outbreak of the most significant armed conflict in the history of humanity? Who can be blamed for the outbreak of World War II? What countries did the Allied coalition consist of? You will have to answer these and more questions in our ww2 quiz if you want to prove that you know everything about the history of this conflict.

This is not a typical quiz about ww2 that you have been solving so far. You have to show off your fantastic knowledge to get the maximum score. Do you know the dates and some basic information? It won't be enough to pass our quiz. You have to be a history-geek to score at least 12/15.

World War II

September 1, 1939, is a date that had a huge impact on the fate of the whole of Europe. This was the date when the German army crossed the borders of the Republic of Poland at dawn without declaring war, thus starting the campaign of World War II. It was the largest military conflict in history, lasting 6 years, from 1939 to 1945. This conflict spanned almost all Europe, eastern and south-eastern Asia, part of the Middle East, and all the oceans. Apart from almost all European countries, it was mainly attended by the countries of North America and South America, Australia and Asia.

In April 1940, Germany attacked neutral (not supporting any side) Norway and Denmark, in May 1940, Holland, Belgium, Luxembourg, and France, which signed an armistice in June.

On June 22, 1941, the German army started a war with the USSR, attacking the enemy troops from the west, south, and north. Initially, the Germans achieved a lot of success, but the Soviet forces were not exhausted as the fighting continued.

Between 1942 and 1944, the Axis countries suffered a series of defeats on all fronts that forced them to go defensive.

Beginning in 1944, the scales of victory shifted decisively to the Allied side, which led to the disintegration and surrender of the Axis powers in 1945.

Total World War II losses and destruction cannot be determined. More than 80 million people died. The war brought enormous and irretrievable damage.

Causes of the World War II

The causes of the outbreak of World War II are highly varied. The causes of a clash on the Asian front and the European front. Despite this, some common trends show up irrespective of the geographical area.

The first fundamental cause of the outbreak of World War II was the expansion of Nazi ideology in Germany. The deeply rooted conviction about unfair solutions adopted after the end of World War I also had a huge impact.

The outbreak of the war was mainly the result of the efforts of a group of totalitarian states to change the prevailing balance of power in the world. The war began with the aggressive actions of the Third Reich.

Can You Ace This WW2 Quiz?

Acing this quiz on WW2 won't be easy as ABC. We have made every effort to make it as challenging as possible. If you think about getting a satisfactory result, you need to know many important details of this armed conflict. Dates, history, curiosities, causes, and many other more or less important factors that together made up the World War II. Without further ado, let's see if you know one of the most important periods in the history of Europe.