QUIZ: What Is Your Weakness? 3-Minute Test

what is my weakness quiz

Each of us has weaknesses as well as strengths. Weaknesses are nothing more than character traits that negatively affect our personality in some way. Take our What Is My Weakness Quiz to get to know yourself better and make the necessary changes.

What is your greatest weakness?

Human beings undoubtedly stand out from other creatures living on Earth. Humans are at a higher level of evolution and constantly strive for further expansion. Technology is continually developing; new innovative solutions are being created. We are also trying to make our mark in space. However, many people forget about self-improvement. We focus more on material things than on our character traits. And this is a mistake.

Our voice of reason goes to the background when our ego takes over. We are unable or unwilling to see the unfavorable traits in our lives. We ignore them or explain to ourselves that this is how it should be. The truth is quite different, so it is worth facing our demons and working on ourselves.

The list of weaknesses is really long and twisted. After all, man is a highly developed individual. The power of man is immense, and our reason can do incredible things. Below are some of the most common human weaknesses.


Uncertainty is undoubtedly a weakness that stems from a lack of confidence in oneself and others. It is most often accompanied by helplessness and a lack of willingness to act. An insecure person doubts everything he does. He is never satisfied with the results and achievements. His life is constantly accompanied by uncertainty.


This is a common problem these days. In the era of smartphones, computers, and tablets, we waste our time in many ways. TikTok, Instagram, and other social media take up a considerable portion of our free time.

A person who knows how to manage his time is constantly growing and is satisfied with his life. For this weakness, work is required to develop willpower and commitment to improving one's habits.


Greed is characterized by the desire to accumulate material goods constantly. People with this weakness are capable of doing anything just to get what they want. However, they do not rest on their laurels, as the pursuit of money is a constant part of their lives.

In the case of greed, an understanding is required that the constant pursuit of accumulating wealth does no good.


Individualism is the tendency to perform actions that we think are right; however, according to the opinion of our surroundings, not necessarily. A person with this weakness does not count the opinion of others and does not take into account the rest of the team or group.

To get rid of this weakness, it is necessary to realize that we are part of a team and act for the good of the whole. This is the first and fundamental step to overcoming individualism.

The above is only the tip of the iceberg of human weaknesses. We can still distinguish dishonesty, lack of manners, irresponsibility, hypocrisy, apathy, or jealousy - the list is really long.

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So, if you want to find out what your greatest weakness is, then our quiz will be the perfect solution. It will help you find out what your dominant negative trait is, and you will be able to work on it. You will find out which of your behaviors are toxic and irresponsible. All you have to do is answer a dozen questions.

Here are some questions that may appear on the quiz:

  1. What allows you to de-stress and escape from everyday problems?
  2. Have you ever refused to help someone?
  3. What would you do if you really cared about something, but the rest of the people were against it?
  4. What are you guided by in life?
  5. If you could go back in time and change something in your life, what would it be?

Our personality quizzes are an excellent way to discover your true self, and it's the first step to self-improvement. Perhaps you still think you have no weaknesses. After solving the quiz, your view may change a bit. Good luck.



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