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Do you think you are overweight? Do you know what is the difference between overweight and obesity? We will try to answer these and more questions in this article.

Many people struggle with being overweight, and the number of overweight and obese people has increased dramatically in recent years. This problem does not only concern adults, but even children and teenagers. However, there are people who only think they are fat. Quite a few teenagers have problems with anorexia. This disease makes the patient feel too fat. At some point, the person stops eating. This affects a large proportion of teenagers. The Am I Fat Quiz was created to make it clear if you really are fat.

Obesity is the accumulation of adipose tissue in our body over 15% of body weight for men and 25% for women. Overweight is a small excess of kilograms, which is the prelude to obesity. How to check if we have too many pounds? BMI (body mass index) calculators come in handy. This calculator is able to calculate your BMI based on your height and current weight.

What exactly does my BMI mean?

  • BMI up to 16 - starvation
  • BMI 16,1-16.99 - emaciation
  • BMI 17-18.49 - underweight
  • BMI 18.5-24.99 - correct bodyweight
  • BMI 25-29.99 - overweight
  • BMI 30-34.99 - 1st-degree obesity
  • BMI 35-39.99 - 2nd-degree obesity
  • BMI over 40 - 3rd-degree obesity

However, BMI does not distinguish between several factors. First of all, it does not indicate our gender and body fat. Having a BMI above the norm, we don't necessarily have to be fat. In order to really determine whether we are too fat or already obese, more specialized tests are needed, such as, for example, magnetic resonance imaging or computed tomography. If you suspect you are overweight and are looking for opinions on it, then am I fat quiz is the perfect solution.

Reasons for gaining weight

  • Chronic diseases
  • Drugs used
  • Bad eating habits
  • Eating before bedtime or at night
  • Snacking between meals
  • Sedentary lifestyle
  • Too many calories in the diet compared to physical activity
  • Lack of physical activity

The effects of being overweight

The effects of being overweight are quite serious. You should not take our obesity lightly, and as soon as you notice that our weight is growing rapidly, you should do something about it. Being overweight causes a number of symptoms and even diseases that can later become chronic diseases. Being overweight causes, among other things, heart and circulatory system diseases. If we suffer from obesity, the chance of developing hypertension or atherosclerosis increases eightfold! In addition, obesity leads to damage to the spine and joints, worse functioning of the digestive system, or the formation of varicose veins.

Treatment of overweight and obesity

Treating overweight and obesity is effective only when a person wants to lose weight. Self-denial and physical activity are needed here. An additional important element is, of course, the diet and the regulation of meals consumed during the day.

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Am I Fat Quiz - How to Play?

If you do not accept yourself as you are, or worse, you suspect that you are overweight or obese, then you should first use the BMI calculator. If your BMI is too high, you are weighing too much. The next step is to solve this quiz, which contains specially prepared questions and, consequently, correctly assesses whether you really have obesity problems.