QUIZ: Am I Depressed? This Quiz Reveals It

do i have depression quiz

Are you depressed? Are you wondering if your behavior, sadness, and emotions are related to this disease? This is the question most people ask themselves in their lives. All of us have ever experienced mood swings, states of sadness, or anxiety. Our “am I depressed?” quiz was created to help every person who is still not sure whether they’re depressed or it’s just gehenna.

Depression is a disease that affects many people and can be successfully treated. The first step to recovery is to diagnose your symptoms. The first symptoms of depression often go unnoticed, and we put our mental state on too much work or duties. However, if you have a mental disorder for at least 14 days that you cannot explain, you should contact your doctor. It could be depression. Over 250 million people worldwide suffer from depression. It affects people of all ages, even children and teenagers. The first step to finding out if you are depressed is to answer a dozen questions in our ‘Do I have depression quiz.’

What Is Depression? Symptoms Of Depression

Depression is basically a mental disorder with an emotional background. A person with depression cannot cope with their own life and emotions. Such a person has no will to live, and even the simplest everyday activities cause him a huge problem.

The main symptoms of depression are:

  • No energy
  • Depressed mood
  • Sadness, deep despair
  • Loss of any interests
  • Each action is a huge problem
  • Sleep disturbance
  • Loss of the ability to feel joy
  • Suicidal thoughts and the desire to take one’s own life are also very common symptoms
  • Pessimistic forecasts for the future
  • Feelings of guilt and low worth
  • Poor self-esteem

Of course, the range of depression symptoms is much wider. We have listed only the most characteristic and key symptoms of depression above. If there are symptoms that you struggle with yourself, you should take the quiz. According to ICD-10, to diagnose depression in a patient, it is enough to identify at least two basic symptoms and at least two additional ones. Symptoms must persist for a minimum period of 14 days.

Am I Depressed? 

You shouldn’t take it lightly if your body tells you something is wrong. Many people suffering from depression reject their loved ones and their advice, delaying treatment. Another problem is the fact that people suffering from these mental disorders often do not want to seek the help of a qualified physician, preferably a psychiatrist. The most important step in overcoming depression should be listening to your inner voice and accepting your illness. Only after such approval the patient will be able to undergo treatment, which ends positively in most cases.

If you are wondering if you have depression, the first and most important step is to get an appropriate diagnosis from your doctor, and the next is your approach to the disease. A person suffering from depression must change their attitude towards life and face the disease. The most important factor in this disease is self-acceptance and, of course, adequate treatment. Our quiz is made to help you make a diagnosis.

The Emo subculture is very often associated with depressive thoughts and a negative attitude toward life. Perhaps you should check if you are Emo with our quiz?

Do I Have Depression? – Summary

When you suspect depression, you feel unjustified fear, anxiety, fear of the future, lack motivation, and lose interest and will to live; then you should definitely solve the “do I have depression?” quiz. This quiz will be the first step in detecting and possibly overcoming the disease. Perhaps your quiz result turns out that you’re depressed, so you must consult a doctor, more specifically a psychiatrist, who will guide you through this serious illness.

If the quiz shows that you are not depressed, it may be about your character and mental energy. Some people are simply more withdrawn by nature and prefer to be in their own accompaniment. Check out the introvert vs. extrovert quiz, as you may be just an introvert.

The obvious fact is that this is just an online quiz without any medical backing. Therefore, you should not consider the quiz as a diagnosis. The diagnosis is made only by the doctor. When your body keeps telling you something is wrong, you should definitely contact a psychiatrist. Good luck!



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