QUIZ: Am I Emotionally Unavailable?

am I emotionally unavailable quiz

Most people are not shy about sharing their feelings, thoughts, and emotions with others. Then there are those who are reticent or more restrained. In some sense, these individuals are introverts. Have you ever wondered – am I emotionally unavailable? Take the quiz to find out.

‘Emotionally Unavailable’ Explanation

Please keep in mind that it is not a “what human emotion am I quiz.” “Emotionally unavailable” is an idiom representing anyone who seals their emotions inside. It is extremely difficult to deal with an emotionally unavailable individual. Whether only mildly reserved or severely withdrawn, the results are generally the same.

It is best to be knowledgeable than to be in the dark. Contrary to belief, not all emotionally unavailable individuals are aware of their reserved nature. In fact, they consider themselves like everyone else, other than keeping their feelings bottled up inside.

Mild Or Extremely Reserved

It is crucial not to confuse emotionally unavailable with bashfulness or lacking confidence. While there is a possibility of a slight connection, the idioms are completely different. 

Being reserved is not at all bad. In fact, it can prove to be a valuable asset in some situations. Take, for example, the emotional reservation that will prove helpful in a public setting. 

There will also come a time when being reserved is key to pulling off a difficult feat.

Rarely Initiates Conversation

Emotionally unavailable individuals are not known as conversationalists. It could be said they are the exact opposite. Are you emotionally unavailable? The quiz holds the answer.

Emotionally unavailable individuals rarely strike up a conversation. The main reason is they haven’t the least bit of interest in opening up to others. There is also the fear of the conversation becoming too personal for their liking.

Prefers Being Alone To Having Company

Never let someone say being emotionally unavailable is easy. Ask anyone, and the answer will always be the same. The fear of opening up is too great. These individuals oftentimes suffer from social anxiety, which is why they prefer isolation.

Spending time alone is safer than sharing time with someone else. It is also worth mentioning that relationships are hardly a possibility. This is not to say that these individuals do not get emotionally involved. When they do, it is oftentimes a rocky relationship from start to finish. 

How It Impacts You

Being emotionally unavailable can be problematic for a handful of reasons. In particular, you’re going to have difficulty opening up to significant others. You won’t be able to speak to your partner and tell them how you feel. Being able to communicate effectively is essential to the overall health of your relationship.

You have to figure out how to open up to your partner. Typically, being emotionally unavailable means that you’re not comfortable sharing your emotions. You have trouble opening up and talking about how you feel. You’ll notice a distance between yourself and your partner.

You may also feel alone in your relationship. Some people feel incomplete and sad without a solid relationship. If you feel this way, you need to find out how to become more emotionally available. Then, it’ll be easier to maintain a healthy relationship. You can also check if you are happy in your relationship.

Complete The Quiz To Find Out

Do you believe that you could be emotionally unavailable? Unfortunately, this could be problematic if you’re trying to develop a long-term relationship. Am I emotionally unavailable? The quiz on this page will help you find out. You need to provide simple information about your personality and behavior.

No identifiable information is required, so you don’t have to worry about your privacy. You can complete the quiz in seconds. If the quiz determines that you’re emotionally unavailable, it may be a good idea to avoid relationships. Wait until your attitude changes before going on dates.

Complete our quiz right now to find out whether you’re emotionally unavailable.



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