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Emotions have been with us since time immemorial. They are with us every moment of our lives, although we cannot always notice. Today, you will learn what emotions people feel, what they are, and why they are so important in our everyday lives. After an excellent reading, you will be ready for the “What human emotion am I?” quiz, through which you will find out which one prevails in your personality. Will it be joy, sadness, excitement, fear, or maybe anger? You will find out in just a short while.

What Are Emotions?

If you were to ask someone what emotions are, they would, without thinking, list a few of them and give some examples. However, they wouldn’t necessarily be able to define it. Moreover, there are many of them, and most people only know a few. The truth is that there are hundreds of emotions – they are all feelings that accompany us daily.

The word “emotion” comes from the Latin “emovere,” which, literally translated, means “to move, to stimulate, to excite.” Simply defining it is not the most straightforward task. It can be considered that it is one of the essential elements of the human psyche. Every person is different and feels emotions in their own way, some with greater frequency, some with less.

Current theories distinguish four types of factors that arouse emotions:

  1. Internal stimuli, mental stimuli, those arising in the mind, and aspects of the external world.
  2. The action of the central and peripheral nervous systems.
  3. Evaluation of events giving them meaning
  4. Aspirations and goals accompanied by emotions

Types Of Emotions

As we mentioned, there are really many types of emotions. Therefore, it is easier to categorize them than to list each one individually.

  1. Related to fear: anxiety, terror
  2. related to love, trust, adoration
  3. related to sadness: depression, grief
  4. associated with anger: irritation, rage

The above list is just the tip of the iceberg. No division of emotions is perfect because some of them can combine, resulting in something completely different.

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What Will You Learn By Solving The Human Emotion Quiz?

It is a simple test that will analyze your answers in depth. You can count on a detailed result by answering as honestly as possible. However, what is it all about? Simply put, you will find out what human emotion prevails in your psyche. In other words, your current personality reflects the feelings you currently have.

Although emotions are mainly associated with the psyche, they also affect the body’s functioning and are reflected in physical sensations. You have certainly experienced an accelerated heart rate, a dry mouth, or a stomach ache when feeling certain emotions. Each of these affects both our mind and body.

What Should I Do With The Test Result?

Once you know what emotion is predominant in you, you can work on mastering it. You can work on the emotion on your own – you need to consider why this one is predominant in you. Where does it come from? Is it more negative or positive? In the case of the former, working alone may not be enough, and it would be worthwhile to seek the help of a psychologist or psychotherapist. Emotions are worth controlling and should never be surrendered entirely to; common sense and good judgment are essential.

In addition, emotions such as stress, anger, or sadness have a negative impact on our health. Long-term stress not infrequently causes cancer, heart disease, or inflammation of the body. In addition, it strains our cardiovascular and nervous systems and increases the risk of depression and other dangerous diseases, including diabetes. That’s why learning to control your emotions is so important. So, if the question circles in your mind – what human emotion am I? Our quiz is a great way to discover which one prevails in you and learn how to deal with it. Good luck!



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