Am I Asexual Quiz: Everything You Need To Know

am i asexual quiz

Asexuality, what exactly is it? How to recognize asexuality? Wondering if you are asexual? We have prepared an extensive article for you, thanks to which you will learn everything about this ailment. Your doubts will be dispelled, and after taking the quiz you will be sure if you suffer from asexuality.

What Really Is Asexuality?

Asexuality is the lack of sexual attraction to other people, regardless of gender. It is worth adding that asexual people may have normal libido, but they do not feel attracted to other people. According to official statistics, there are more and more people giving up sex every year. Why is this happening? What should you know about asexuality? What are its symptoms, what exactly are they caused by?

Symptoms of Asexuality

Many people mistakenly confuse asexuality with problems with sex drive, i.e. resulting from diseases or life traumas. However, this is a misconception because asexuality is innate. So asexual people are born with this kind of "dysfunction". From many conversations or interviews with such people, we can learn that they did not feel sexual attraction to other people from their birth.

Asexual people make up about 1% of the total population, so it's not a large percentage. In fact, the only symptom is a lack of sex drive towards other people, regardless of gender.

The Causes of Asexuality

The causes of asexuality are actually unknown. No research can conclusively say why this is so. Asexuality affects women more than men.

An additional interesting fact is that asexuality is also observed in animals.

Asexuality - What's Next?

Of course, asexual people are not in any way disadvantaged or otherwise, they simply do not feel sex drive in the world, which does not mean that it bothers them. Asexual people lead a normal life, very often have partners with whom they get along very well. Asexuality doesn't mean that sex is completely out of the question either. Such people can cultivate it, only they do not get any pleasure.

Can Asexuality Be Treated?

Many people try to treat asexuality. Many scientists debate among themselves; some argue that asexuality is a mental disorder that must be treated. However, others argue that this is a person's natural orientation, and is not caused by mental disorders. As mentioned earlier, the causes of asexuality are still not fully known. There is also no known treatment method that fully works.

Asexuality - Additional Information

There is an online interview with Maria, 28, who is asexual. We can learn many interesting things on this topic from her. According to the woman, people who find out about her orientation often think she is in celibate. This is of course completely untrue. Those who choose celibacy have simply given up sex voluntarily but still, feel sexual attraction. Asexual people don't want sex, so they don't voluntarily do it, they just don't enjoy it.

Maria also claims that there are many relationships between sexual and asexual persons that are very successful. So it is not a contraindication to being in a relationship, love, and tenderness. Asexual people just feel some things a bit differently. Unfortunately, such people are often perceived as cold or bitter. Asexual men, on the other hand, are often assessed as "not masculine enough". What's your opinion on the subject?

You can read the entire interview here.

Am I Asexual Quiz - How to Play?

This quiz contains 11 carefully selected questions. When you answer each of them, we will be able to answer you if you are asexual. It is obvious that the questions will concern you, but we will also present you with specific situations in which you will have to deal with. If despite solving this quiz, you are still not sure about your orientation, we recommend that you contact a doctor who will be able to answer every question that bothers you. Good luck!