Am I Spoiled? QUIZ – Analysis of 15 Factors

am I spoiled quiz

The Am I Spoiled Quiz is another great personality test to see if you always put your best foot forward. Although there is no single definition for this colloquial term, most people know what it means. If you had everything you wanted as a child and your parents usually didn’t demand anything from you, you may be spoiled.

To analyze this topic in depth, we need to consider what qualities prevail among spoiled people and what behaviors they exhibit.

Are You Spoiled?

Children of overprotective parents have severe problems in adulthood. And to be clear – overprotectiveness is OK but to a certain extent. You have to balance it between when you simply care about your child and when you are merely a “personal assistant” for him.

Have your parents always been on hand? Did they help you with even the most trivial problems? Did you get everything you wanted? Your parents probably made a huge mistake.

Psychologists increasingly sound the alarm about a new disease of civilization that is affecting more and more people. We are talking about so-called “adult children” who, through an inadequate upbringing in childhood, cannot find their way into adult life. This term describes people who, despite having a job, even a well-paid one, their own home, are panicky about the responsibilities and duties of adult life. They’re not fully mature.

If the above paragraphs describe you perfectly, then you are certainly spoiled. The question arises: What can I do about it? What you need is to work on yourself. Of course, this will not be one of the most straightforward tasks, but there is some hope. A change in such behavior can occur when you learn to recognize your emotions and needs. The main problem is the lack of motivation to change, as the consumerist lifestyle is very comfortable.

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What Qualities Distinguish Spoiled People?

Recall your childhood. Was there often a situation when:

  • You had frequent tantrums
  • You were never fully satisfied
  • You were not helpful
  • You tried to control adults
  • You never played alone
  • You ignored your parents
  • You didn’t share with your peers

Sound familiar? These few points accurately describe a spoiled child.

What Else Should You Know?

Think of the Am I Spoiled Quiz as a tool for assessing your behavior in different types of environments and circumstances. Consider them as a return to the past. Imagine you are a child again and try to answer the questions as a child. Don’t rush; take your time.

Personality tests are widely used in psychology. However, our quiz is not one of the formal tests. It is just a kind of fun – it will not make an accurate diagnosis, like most quizzes you can find on the Internet. Please treat it with a pinch of salt.

The discovery of personality traits was dealt with several thousand years ago. They allow us not only to know the personality but also to set the path and creative changes and release positive character traits. Therefore, if the result is positive – it turns out that you are spoiled, nothing is lost. Consider it the first step to transformation and creating a better yourself!



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