Am I Bisexual? Take the In-Depth Quiz to Explore Yourself

am I bisexual quiz

A person’s sexual preferences keep changing with the years. A lot of people discover their sexuality only when they become much older. As they keep traveling through different relationships in life and date different people, they eventually figure out who they like and the kind of gender they are comfortable with. If you are one of those people who have trouble knowing your true sexuality, you’ve come to the right place. Am I bisexual? The answer lies in our quiz. It’s that simple!

Why Should You Take Up The ‘Am I Bisexual Quiz’?

Before knowing whether a person is bisexual or not, it is very pertinent to understand what bisexuality means. Bisexuality means a person who has an attraction towards both men and women. Both men and women can be bisexual. A lot of studies suggest that most women are bisexual. You can take up this Am I Bisexual quiz to know where your level of understanding of yourself lies.

Signs That Reveal Bisexuality

There are no clear-cut signs that speak about a person’s sexual preferences. Each takes their own sweet time in finding out their sexuality. The sexual orientation of a person varies and develops as they grow old.

Some of the major signs are listed below.

YouTube Watch History And Movie Preferences

The kind of videos you keep watching on YouTube denotes your mindset and what you look out for. Suppose movies with a storyline on same-gender relationships or attraction towards multiple genders impress you more than the other genres. In that case, you need to think more than once regarding your sexual preferences.

Look Back At Your Dating History

It is very common to date many people over the years. Off late, when you look back at your dating history, you could analyze the kind of genders you are inclined towards. In case there is an equal number of males and females in the list, it indicates that you are bisexual.

Evolving Friendships

See how your equation with your friends has evolved over the years. There could be some friends in your gang with whom your relationship quotient has transitioned from just a friend to an intimate level of relationship. This indicates that you are inclined toward people of your gender itself.

List Of Crushes

Crush is a temporary feeling, but it develops into strong levels of emotion over some time. If your crushes are mostly women and you are a woman yourself, you can say that you are most attracted to the same gender. In case you have wide-ranging crushes between men and women, then you can call yourself bisexual.

Look At The Words Uttered And Actions

If a man is attracted to another man, he can easily get distracted by his bodily appearance. If a woman is found taking a huge glance at other women’s bodies and maintaining similar levels of attraction to men, you could say that those women are bisexual. But this necessarily doesn’t mean that they are sexual orientation is bisexual, as some people like to talk about the bodies of others.

Refusal To Talk About Love Life

If a person has bi characteristics, he will refuse to open up to people to talk about partners’ preferences. Try to speak about your preferences to check if the other person could reciprocate the same. If the person is found speaking in different lines, It doesn’t seriously denote that they are bisexual.

Spending Time

If you spend some significant time with your partner, he will open up to you about his orientation.

This is one of the best ways to get to know whether they are bi or not. The other methods are purely out of predictions and assumptions, but this is mostly fact-based.

These are some of the ways by which you can conclude whether a person is bisexual or not. There are many quizzes online that you can take up to know where your sexual orientation lies. But why should you search for them? Just take the ‘Am I bisexual quiz,’ and everything will be clear. If you’re also curious about other aspects of your sexual identity and have more questions like “Am I gay?” or “Am I pansexual?“, other quizzes can offer additional insights into your personal discovery.



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