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Due to life’s struggles, many people have become codependent on their partners, friends, and parents. These individuals would be unable to thrive without backing from their loved ones. Have you ever asked, “Am I codependent?” The quiz on this page can provide you with a reliable answer in minutes. Being codependent isn’t always a problem, but it could be eventually.

Therefore, it is wise to find out whether you fit the criteria so you can do something about it. Otherwise, you may be left to fend for yourself even though you’re ill-equipped to do so. Once you’ve confirmed that you’re codependent, you can begin working to become more independent. Then, you’ll be able to make it even if your relationship fails in the months ahead.

What Is Codependency?

Codependency is common in many relationships because one partner depends heavily on the other. The term is used to describe someone who psychologically or emotionally relies too much on their partner. In some cases, codependency is linked to addiction. However, it can also be associated with other types of mental issues.

If the dependency has become excessive, it is pertinent to do something about it. Otherwise, you’re going to fall apart when you lose your partner. It is always wise to be independent so you don’t have to rely solely on someone else to help you survive.

Have you asked, “Am I codependent?” The quiz will help you determine whether you are codependent on one or more partners.

Is It Bad?

You’re probably worried that your codependency is going to lead to heartbreak and stress in the near future. After all, you never know when your relationship is going to fall apart, and you’ll end up having to care for yourself. Unfortunately, most relationships do not last forever, so you need to be ready for anything.

The best way to do that is by preparing yourself for a single life again. You need to make sure that you can support yourself on your own salary without depending on anyone else. If you and your partner are never going to split, codependency may not be a bad thing.

The only issue is that you can never guarantee that your relationship is going to last. Be sure to identify your codependency so you can take steps to shield yourself from such problems.

Who Is Co-Dependent?

Anyone can be co-dependent. However, co-dependency is more common in children, teens, and adults who have lived a nurtured lifestyle. Mothers have a way of nurturing their adult children, which oftentimes leads to co-dependency.

Co-dependency can cause severe anxiety and depression. This especially applies to people who depend on their elderly grandparents or parents. The mere thought of losing the very person who supports every aspect of your existence can be quite stressful.

Men can become co-dependent on their wives just as easily as women on their husbands. Who is to blame? In all actuality, it could be both parties.

Discover how codependency may impact your relationships; it will also lead you to other relationship quizzes. You’ll gain a better sense of your life troubles. You can explore quizzes such as the ‘Communication Style Quiz‘ to gain further understanding.

Identifying A Codependency

“Am I codependent?” If you’ve asked this question, the quiz can help. You must find out whether you’re depending on your partner too much because a split could be devastating. Would you be able to care for yourself if your partner left today? Could you survive mentally, emotionally, and financially?

You must make sure that your codependency is not going to leave you in a vulnerable situation in the future. In other words, make sure that you can stand on your two feet without backing from anyone.

If you’ve protected yourself, codependency may not be problematic. Still, it is wise to use the quiz to determine whether you’re excessively reliant on the individual in question.



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