QUIZ: Should I End My Relationship? Be 100% Sure

should i end my relationship quiz

Are you having a hard time in your love life and asking yourself, “Should I end my relationship?” Making such a decision can be tough. Let our insightful quiz guide you through these uncertain times.

Breakup is a painful, often difficult, but at times inevitable part of our lives. When your relationship is not as before, it’s time to look deeply at your future together. To be in a relationship, to love long and reciprocally, is a dream of many people, although often not easy to achieve. Human nature is so complex that we usually don’t like changes. But sometimes you have to face the truth, say “enough,” and make a decision. 

Making a hasty decision is the worst thing you can do. It is also not worth starting the quiz immediately without taking a closer look at the matter. 

Just before you start asking yourself, “should I end my relationship?” – there are a few critical signs that indicate that your relationship is no longer salvageable.

When To End The Relationship?

It is challenging to end an “almost successful” relationship, and no one seems to have any doubts about it. Of course, life compromises are just as important as learning from your mistakes. If you’ve been at a loss for a long time, it might be worthwhile to end the relationship. Think about whether you are happy in your relationship. Here are some common situations in which prolonging the torment doesn’t make much sense.

Attachment – Is It Love Or Not?

You have been together for a long time, as long as you can remember. You have many great memories; you have had some fantastic moments. The problem is that this love has turned into a habit – you are no longer sure if you love. You don’t know if you are only connected by sentiment or if an ordinary attachment has crept in instead of love. If you have noticed for a long time that your life together is getting monotonous, and the only conversations you have are the ones you have before you go to work, it may mean that you are just burned out.

Uncontrolled Outbursts Of Anger

Carefully analyze the past few months of your relationship. Do you recall your or your partner’s behavior where one of you completely loses your temper? Quarrels for no reason? An emotional rollercoaster? Negative emotions take many forms, such as name-calling or even forms of psychological violence. All this indicates that such a relationship is worth ending.


If you are a woman, you have been blessed with the sixth sense. Female instinct can work wonders. This is also the case here. It may surprise you, but intuition exists, and it is a scientifically proven fact. It probably exists to save us from bad decisions. After all, the greatest threat to people is people. A common mistake is not having trust in our intuition, and we ignore it because we are afraid of the consequences of a given decision. However, when you feel that your relationship needs to be definitively ended, just do it. Don’t make yourself feel guilty. You don’t want to waste the rest of your life, do you?

Should I End My Relationship Quiz – How To Play?

Entering into a toxic relationship (is your relationship toxic?) often comes from past experiences and patterns. Ending it is not the easiest thing to do; that’s why we created this quiz. All you need to do is answer a few simple questions that will thoroughly analyze your life together. All that is required from you is honesty. Only with honest answers will you get a competent answer.



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