QUIZ: Am I In A Toxic Relationship? 100% Honest

am I in a toxic relationship quiz

Your relationship may be going wrong right now, and you are wondering why. Perhaps it is due to some kind of misunderstanding, a sharp exchange of views, a relationship crisis, or maybe something else. Do you think you are in a toxic relationship? Does the relationship you are in with your partner destroy both of you? When that difficult question, “Am I in a toxic relationship?” comes to mind, this quiz comes to the rescue! By doing it carefully, you will find out if you are in a toxic relationship! Thanks to the answer provided at the end of the quiz, you will know what steps you need to take in the current situation and which solution will be most suitable for you! Think no more and take this quiz to determine if it’s a toxic relationship, or maybe you just have worse days.

What Is A Toxic Relationship?

In the beginning, it is worth knowing what a toxic relationship really is.

People in a toxic relationship experience fear and anxiety very often. They experience it almost every day. In every, even the most inconspicuous situation, we fear how our partner will react. When it turns out that we have failed in some areas, we cannot count on comfort and support from our partner, but we know that it will be a great opportunity to mock, humiliate, and convince us that we are good for nothing. In toxic relationships, the concepts of partnership, mutual help, and love despite setbacks cannot be discussed.

Most often, it turns out that both parties are not happy in this relationship, and sooner or later, it leads to a breakdown. The most interesting thing is that most outsiders don’t notice what is going on in people’s lives – in toxic relationships. Everything is arranged so that, apart from two people in such a relationship, no one from the environment notices what is actually going on.

Sometimes, despite all efforts, it is impossible to hide a toxic relationship, and the relatives of the person in such a relationship immediately see that something is wrong. Suddenly, we start devoting our time and attention to just one person, where it was previously unthinkable. Frequent meetings and going out with friends were the norm, and now we are giving up on all of this. We cut off from most friends and keep social contacts to a minimum. Perhaps someone from your surroundings will react and tell you the truth. But will you believe that you are in a toxic relationship?

Am I In A Toxic Relationship? Quiz

People in toxic relationships are not happy people. Apart from giving up contact with friends, they very often give up their passions and dreams and devote all the time saved to a toxic person. During this time, self-esteem begins to decline, and the partner continues to reassure the person about their hopelessness and uselessness. This behavior leads to being locked in a so-called cage. Such a person ceases to be interested in the rest of the world, and only the toxic partner plays the main role in her life. Her mood and well-being begin to deteriorate day by day, leading to depression and other serious illnesses.

Another aspect of toxic relationships is loneliness. Although you spend all the time with your partner, you don’t feel loved but are even pushed around and manipulated. Despite your efforts to improve the functioning of your relationship, all you get is dissatisfaction and resentment. The partner constantly distances himself from you and does not tell you about his feelings or problems. He is also poor at making any decisions, so all responsibility rests on you. Are you still in doubt that you are in a toxic relationship? “Am I in a toxic relationship?” Just take our test, and everything will be clear.



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