Am I Manipulative? Quiz

am I manipulative quiz

From the passive-aggressive to the full-blown conman, manipulation not only comes in many forms but in different degrees. Whether people are willing to admit it, there is a bit of manipulation in everyone. Contrary to belief, not everyone is aware of their manipulative nature. Are you manipulative? Take the quiz to find out.

Manipulation In a Sense

Before learning all about the traits of manipulation, it is vital to look deep inside yourself. From here, it will start coming together. If you’ve been wondering – “am I manipulative?” get a step ahead by taking the quiz.

An indelible trait is virtually a mental tactic. It is a mental prowess utilized to bend someone to your will. An example is a parent trying to trick their children into better behavior in public. It could be a scorned lover trying to trick their mate into owning up to an affair or inadvertently making it known.

Going To Great Lengths 

According to many modern psychiatrists, people can be manipulative without even knowing it. Of course, this all depends on the situation and the individual. Various disorders can affect your behavior, so quizzes like the sociopath test can be helpful. Ask yourself how far you are willing to go to get your way. 

Does it stop at harming others? Are you willing to concede physical or mental harm just to get your way? Some might try to pawn this off as the amendable act of going to great lengths to achieve desired goals. It’s merely just another variation of manipulation.

Can’t Voice Needs Or Desires

The more familiar phrase might be “Beating around the bush,” but it’s just another commonality of manipulation. Someone that has a hard time just coming out and asking for something or saying what’s on their mind might use suggestive phrases or tones.

Babysitting could be the perfect example. Rather than just asking someone to babysit for the upcoming weekend, you might find yourself wishing out loud that you had a babysitter for the weekend while talking amongst your cohorts.

Unneeded Projection

Not unlike others, manipulative people are hardly willing to admit that they have insecurities and a degree of self-loathing. It goes without saying everyone has some level of diffidence or self-doubt.

In addition to these traits, psychological projection is not uncommon in the human species. While more common among manipulative people, the trait is more often executed as a defense mechanism. 

More importantly, it can be executed subconsciously or consciously. It is more commonly utilized in romantic relationships where one or both partners have trust issues.

Do you have problems trusting a partner, not be he or she gave you reasons, but because you have been lied to, abused, used, or misled in the past? This is an unneeded projection.

A Habit Of Lying

Lying is a more common trait of manipulation. Manipulative individuals have a problem with lying. Some reach the point of being a pathological liar. They may feel it necessary to keep up their manipulative persona.  

Lying becomes second nature to these individuals, which is unfortunate for their friends and families. There doesn’t need to be a reason to lie; it just comes naturally.

Some may even evolve to a point where they lie without even thinking twice about it or realizing they are doing it. Regardless, it’s about hiding the real truth for manipulative purposes.

The Projection Of Guilt  

Guilt is an extremely powerful motivator, and it’s a natural trait of the manipulator. It probably doesn’t surprise most to learn that manipulators are expert “guilt-trippers.”

Are you the type of person that constantly relies on guilt to get their way? How successful are your endeavors, and does the “duped individual” even realize you are bending them to your will? It’s essential for people to express their hurt and concerns to prevent becoming doormats, but expert manipulators always try to get something out of it. God complex is also an interesting condition that manifests itself as being excessively controlling or jealous.

Am I manipulative? It’s simple; just take the quiz to find out. 



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