Am I A Nerd? QUIZ – Are You 100% Nerdy?

am I a nerd quiz

Are you wondering if you are a nerd? What is the reason for your wondering? Do your friends call you that, or do you think so yourself? Take the am I a nerd quiz, and we’ll see if you are one.

However, before you start, are you so familiar with the definition of the word? Undoubtedly, it is a common term on the web, but what exactly does it mean, and what kind of person does it describe? Familiarize yourself with the definition of the word “nerd” and see if this is actually you.

What Is A “Nerd”?

A nerd is a person who has trouble forming social relationships with others. He is usually an introvert, and his interests are science, especially mathematics and computer science. In addition, his fondness is computers and games. Of course, just because your husband or boyfriend occasionally plays Fortnite doesn’t immediately make him a nerd. It is a somewhat more complex concept, which consists of many components.

In numerous works of pop culture as well as on the Internet, a stereotypical image of a nerd has emerged. A nerd is dressed in a shirt and suit pants, adding a bow tie, vest, and/or suspenders. In addition, he always wears glasses, and his hairstyle is pulled back to the side. The best example is the movie “Revenge of the Nerds” and its lead actor, Robert Carradine, who plays the role of nerd Lewis Skolnick. If you are unfamiliar with this movie, then as a chief nerd, you should catch up.

Remember that this is just a stereotype. Not every blonde is dumb, so by analogy, not every boy with glasses is a nerd. Not every person interested in mathematics or computer science can be predetermined by the term. The nerd title consists of many factors, which we will analyze in depth during the quiz.

On the other hand, even if it turns out that you are indeed a nerd, so what? After all, it is not a negative term, and everyone should interpret it in their own way. In fact, such a person is extremely intelligent and is distinguished by many positive qualities. Asociality is, of course, a downside, but everything can be worked on.

If the result of the quiz turns out to be quite different, and it comes out that you have nothing to do with being a nerd, then perhaps you are a geek. These are terms that describe two completely different people. Anyway, in the end, it’s just fun, right? We guess you won’t be offended if it comes out that you look like one of the characters from the Revenge of the Nerds movie. Don’t take anything personally; treat this quiz as a good time. And then get back to that math of yours and fumble away at your computer, you nerd.

Jokes aside, it’s time to introduce the quiz rules.

Take The Nerd Quiz To Be 100% Sure

All you have to do is get through the 15 questions, and you’ll unquestionably find out if you’re a nerd. There is no philosophy here; however, try to answer as honestly as possible. Otherwise, the result may not be correct. Ready? Let’s get started!



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