The Soldier, Poet, or King Test – Which One Are You?

soldier poet king test

The Soldier Poet King Test is expressly designed to help people determine a better understanding of their life. Not just in Medieval Times but on a more contemporary level. Why is this important?

Soldiers, Poets, And Kings

Countless ancient legends tell the stories of heroic soldiers, poets, and kings. From the earliest days of the Bible to the 1900s Victorian Ages, these legendary figures played an important role in their civilizations.

Some historical figures were so prominent their stories are found in modern history books. They offer the best of what every ancient civilization had to offer. The best part, historical records pushed them into the 21st century.

Which ancient soldier, poet, or king are you? Take the test to find out.

The Soldier

Much like the poet and king, the soldier needs no introduction. With this said, the accuracy of some ancient tales is questionable. A few equate the soldier warrior mentality as always looking for a fight, ready to blow his or her top at any moment.

Fortunately, this is not always the case. The soldier has played a vital role in creating safe countries since the beginning of time. Men were not born soldiers. They participated in strenuous military activities to build their soldier mentality and skills.

Soldiers are brave, fearless, dedicated, and clever. They have an important job to do, regardless of their regiment or brigade. 

The Poet 

The poet is, without a doubt, the most misunderstood of the three. The works of ancient poetry can be deciphered in several ways. Experts believe the interpretation depends on the reader’s ability to understand what the poet is saying. 

Sure, the poet always needs a degree of affability. Under all that, there is the innate desire to serve. The poet is a servitor of the people, and that’s where their true happiness lies.

The poet wants to be the reason for that smile on your face, the butterflies in your stomach, or the joy in your heart. Although it’s not always required, it does help when someone has the natural ability to bring out beauty and serenity in everything.

The King  

While the king is viewed as the ruling class, there are several ways to look at it. As the ruler of a country, the king has duties and responsibilities that can easily be compared to the President and Prime Minister.

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A king is generally bred from an affluent family. In many cases, the honor is presented to the future king at birth. When most people think of kings, wealth instantly comes to mind. Kings are more often than not well-off, but a handful are not.

Ancient kings may have been known for their riches, but they were also known for their barbarism and brutality. One particular ancient leader comes to mind. Queen Ranavalona, who ruled from 1826 to 1861, was deemed the “Mad Monarch of Madagascar” by her people. 

The kingship system was adopted by the Sumer and Egyptian civilizations. One king ruled over the entire kingdom. Through continuous conflict, kings increased their power and control. 

The Soldier Poet King Test

Ancient kings, soldiers, and poets played significant roles in what our countries have become today. Soldiers gave their lives to protect their people, while poets gave their lives to write words of harmony.

Kings, on the other hand, were a mixture of cruel, fair, principled, and driven. While nearly anyone can become a soldier, being a poet requires significant abilities and skills. 

Ancient poetry is a collection of literature, history, and expressions. Modern governments continue to base their policies on the kingship system. Our test helps participants determine what role they are best suited for.



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