QUIZ: What Car Should I Buy? Find Your Perfect Ride

what car should I buy quiz

It will take you a few moments to solve our “What car should I buy?” quiz, and all your doubts will be dispelled. You will find the answer to your question, which car should you have at any moment!

You have dreamed of being a car owner since childhood, and this is the last step to achieving this goal. You’ve finally passed your driving test after many hours behind the wheel on a driving course. You have finally obtained the desired document that entitles you to drive a car. You are probably wondering what car you should buy. In which car will you feel like the king of all roads? Will this model suit you, and will you fit together like a glove? If that’s what you’re thinking about, it’s great that you came here! 

After reading the article, solve the quiz and save a lot of time on further thinking because your long-awaited car may fly away from your nose!

What Car Should You Get?

Before buying your desired car, it is worth recalculating the funds that you can spend on it. It is also worth considering whether, after purchasing a specific model, you will be able to afford any repairs or inspections. The higher the car’s price range, you have to take into account that repairs may be more expensive.

Over the years, many car manufacturers are trying to be more environmentally friendly. For this reason, we no longer only have cars running on petrol, diesel or gas. It is becoming more and more popular to use alternative sources of powering the engine and the vehicle.

Types Of Cars

Now we will introduce ourselves to what modern types of engine drive we can meet when buying our dream car:

Hybrid Drive

In this situation, the car is equipped with an internal combustion engine and an electric engine. This has a significant effect on reducing fuel consumption and reducing the production of exhaust gases by the vehicle. Passing by such a car, we also notice that the engine works much quieter than a car powered by, for example, only gasoline.


The vehicle is powered solely by electricity. Cars driven this way have much fewer engine systems and are therefore less emergency. These vehicles are also much cheaper to maintain because electricity is cheaper than traditional fuel.


Fuel is produced from organic products, e.g., sunflower seeds, rapeseed, and grains. By using cars powered by renewable energy sources, we improve air quality and demonstrate pro-ecological behavior.

What Car Is Right For You?

Choosing a car is not the easiest thing to do, so before taking the “what car should I buy?” quiz, you should think about what you care about the most. What kind of car is right for you?

If you decide to buy a used car, you should check it carefully before buying it. Pay particular attention to such elements as paint and body condition, steering wheel condition, seat condition, mileage, condition of consumables, car history, corrosion centers, suspension, and electronics condition.

If, apart from choosing a car, there are other question marks in your head, maybe we have a solution for you. Perhaps you want to know what to eat or what book to read.

Still Not Sure What Car To Buy? Take The Quiz

You have already learned about several types of alternative car drives, so you know more or less what fuel you would be determined to buy the vehicle for. But it’s not over yet! After all, you need to know if you are interested in a sports model or an urban model. Do you like fast driving (of course, where the law allows it!) Or do you act like an old man behind the wheel? You will find all the answers to these and other questions in the What Car Should I Buy quiz! Feel free to solve it!



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