Travel Quiz: Do You Know Locations Of These Popular Places?


Hello curious traveler! Do you travel a lot? Have you ever visited the most popular places, cities, or monuments in the world? Like the Eiffel Tower, Stonehenge, Paris, Venice, New York, and so on? If yes - then this Travel Quiz is definitely for you! This picture quiz will refresh your memories of many different interesting places. Your task is simple. We will show you a picture of a place, monument, mountain, etc., and you will have to guess which city/country it is located in. Simple as that! If you love traveling and you do that at least a few times a year, you have a bigger chance of solving this picture quiz.

Making A Living Off Traveling

Did you know that some people make a living off traveling? If you are brave enough and not the type of person who prefers to stay at home, you can do it too! You just need a camera like GoPro, and you're set! There are many YouTube channels about traveling, so if you like this topic, you should definitely become familiar with the subject.

On the other hand, traveling is not for everyone. Some people are scared of flying in a plane, and there are places in the world which you can't access any other type of transport. Well, maybe a boat, but it would take much longer and would be more dangerous sometimes. Another thing is that some countries or places are dangerous. You can get robbed or even killed easily. One of the most dangerous countries in the world is Venezuela, but also Brasil and Mexico.

Anyway, are you ready for the Travel Quiz? Do you think you can make it without a single fail? It will be entertaining, so do your best and have fun.

Traveling - Trivia

The Turkish city of Istanbul lies on two continents - Europe and Asia. There is no other such intercontinental city in the world.

Boxing has been banned in Iceland since 1956. In 2002, amateur boxing was allowed under strictly limited conditions, but to this day, professional boxing is prohibited.

In Canada, polar bears are prohibited from breaking into homes and stealing food. So if you notice such an individual rummaging in the refrigerator - call the police. It sounds funny, but there is even a polar bear prison in Churchill, Manitoba. Troublesome teddy bears are kept there until they are moved elsewhere. You may also like Canada Trivia Quiz.

The Swiss produce 180,000 tons of cheese in 450 types a year, and they are literally crazy about it and everything related to it.

If you ride the elevator in Thailand, you will never see the 13th floor. It's all because Thai people are very superstitious and, in order not to disturb their happiness, they don't build 13th floors.

The Piggybank was invented in England. In the old days, money was kept there in clay jars. The English word for clay is "pygg." As it sounds like a "pig," the English started calling their clay jars Piggy bank.

Finland was the first country in Europe to grant voting rights to women.

Despite its huge area, there is only a one-time zone in Japan. For this reason, in some parts of Japan, the sun does not rise until 10 am.

If you're a nomad type person, then this Travel Quiz is for you

The quiz contains 15 questions so that you can guess 15 different places, monuments, mountains, etc.! This quiz is great entertainment for any age! If you feel bored and want to recall the most important places on Earth, this is our favorite. Check your geography and compare your results with your friends. Good luck!

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