What State Should I Live In? Quiz – Which 1 of 50?

what state should I live in quiz

Are you currently living in the United States and would like to move to a different state than you are currently located in? Perhaps there is something, in particular, you do not like about this place, and you are thinking about moving? Or maybe you just want to start your life anew in a completely different place? If so, it's great that you visited our site! By solving this 'what state should I live in quiz,' you'll find out in which land you should live! Believe it or not, you've spent hours thinking about which state you should live in. Please answer a few pleasant questions, and your problem will solve itself! Any minute now, you will know in which state you should live!

The USA is divided into 50 territories. Each of them is characterized by something different. Now we will try to introduce you to a few selected states to make your choice even more straightforward! You will find out which place would be closer to you and your heart!


Hawaii was fairly recently annexed to the US - in 1959. This state would be a great place to live for someone who is tired of the city rush. Peace, tranquility, and paradise beaches are just a few advantages of living in Hawaii. Here you can get very close to nature and rediscover yourself. Do you think you should live in one of the Hawaiian islands?


Alaska is the largest state in the United States, and as a result, it is very popular. There are a lot of attractions that we can enjoy in this place. Living in Alaska, you can not only go to the great shopping centers, enjoy being in the largest city - Anchorage, but also go hiking in the mountains or go to admire the national parks and glaciers. However, the prices there are very high. So, this state will be suitable for people with a fat wallet!


Do you like to lead an entertaining life? If so, you should live in this land! The countless number of casinos that can be found in this territory, mainly due to the all-famous city - Las Vegas, will make your head spin. Of course, within the limits of the norm, it can be exciting, fun, and a great idea to get together with friends. Life in Nevada is mainly for young, crazy people, but if you're a bit older, why not give it a try too?


Living in the state of Arizona, you cannot complain about being bored! There are lovely hiking trails that will take you to the Colorado Grand Canyon, Monument Valley, and other mountainous areas. There is a desert landscape, and the characteristic element of this community are cacti, which grow there. It all seems great, but ask yourself, can you handle the high temperatures that are the order of the day there?

What State Should I Live In Quiz - How to Play?

You've already explored several territories across the United States, so you should consider what type of person you are. Would you be more content living in fabulous Hawaii or in heavily populated Alaska? If you don't know yet, don't worry! This what state should I live in quiz will help dispel your current doubts. Go through the questions and answer them meticulously, and you will find out in which state you should live? Maybe your life will completely change in a moment, and you will replace the previous problems with traffic jams in the city for relaxation in a secluded place! Do not wait any longer and solve the 'what state should I live in quiz'!



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