Africa Map Quiz: A Pleasant Geography Lesson

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Africa Map Quiz - A Pleasant Geography Lesson

Africa is the second-largest continent in the world, Asia is in the first place. Are you African and you want to test your knowledge about African countries? or you just love this area and the tropical climate? As you may already know, Africa is the hottest continent on Earth.

In this Africa Map Quiz, at every question, you will be shown a map of Africa with one country marked on it with red color. Your task is simple, you have to guess the correct country from 4 answers (A, B, C, D). The quiz contains 10 questions. In other words, you have to guess 10 countries correctly to get the maximum grade in the quiz.

Africa is the oldest inhabited area in the world. Archaeologists believe that the human species has been living there for 7 million years. Over 1 billion 300 million people live there. By 2050, the population will increase to 2 billion 300 million, and it used to be 10,000 states and autonomous groups, each with its own customs. It is the continent most deprived of poverty and least developed. It is also home to the largest number of countries - 54 countries on over 30,000,000 square kilometers occupy just over 20% of all land on Earth.

Did you know? Africa Facts & Trivia

  1. Africa consists of 54 countries
  2. Africa is the second most populated continent in the world
  3. Africa holds many records: biggest desert - Sahara (Africa), biggest river - Nile (Africa)
  4. Algeria is the largest African country
  5. Madagascar is the largest African island and 4th largest in the world
  6. If you think that the deadliest animals in Africa are lions or crocodiles, you are wrong. The hippos are the most dangerous of large animals, killing the most people in Africa. All this is due to the territorial conflict. Unfortunately, when confronted with the huge troubles of hippos, human has little chance of survival.

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Good luck!

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