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If you have ever been to China, or you live in China, then you definitely know that it's a huge country. Lot's of Chinese people everywhere, and they look almost the same, crazy! Do you know how many provinces China has? Well, China has a total of 23 provinces. Each province has its own committee and secretary. In this quiz about provinces in China, we'll be going to show you a map with one province marked on it. You'll have to guess the name of this selected province. If you're good at geography, love the Asian culture, or moreover, you live in China / are Chinese, then this quiz should be a piece of cake for you.

Chinese Provinces and China In General - Trivia

  • Chinese people invented many things, including the water wheel or... football!
  • Facebook has been banned in China. You can't visit this most popular social network if you're in China
  • Shanghai is the largest Chinese city
  • China has the largest population in the world, over 1.3 billion people live there as of 2017
  • Chinese people don't use spoons or forks to eat food, they use sticks

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China Provinces Quiz - How To Play & Rules

As we stated at the beginning of this article, the quiz rules are simple. We will show you a full map of China with one province marked and you'll have to guess this province name. Each question has four answers to choose from. You'll be able to see if your answer was right or wrong just after each question. At the end of the quiz, you will see a list of your answer and your final score. As there are 23 provinces in total, we didn't want to make this quiz too long, so we have chosen 10 provinces. So, can you pass this Chinese test with ease? Start the quiz and see yourself! Good luck.

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