QUIZ: Where Should I Live? Get The Answer!

where should i live quiz

Do you dream of living abroad? Don't you see any prospects for yourself in your current place of residence? Do you feel that you haven't found your place on earth yet?

There are as many as 194 countries in the world, so finding the perfect place for yourself is a real problem. In this quiz, we will try to answer the question of which country you should live in. Thanks to specially selected questions about you, we will be able to choose the perfect country in which you should live!

Everything About Where Should I Live Quiz

You definitely like visiting new places, and each trip abroad causes you incredible euphoria. Long journeys, different culture, a different climate of a given country is what drives you. At some point, you think that it might be worth giving up your entire life and living in another country. But what country would be right for you? What do you care about? What is most important to you? Weather? Earnings? Culture? Religion? There are many factors that go into what country would be right for you. Below, we present some of the questions contained in our quiz, along with a relevant explanation. Check them out, then start the quiz and we'll tell you where you should live!


Most people who want to move to another country think about a sunny place, preferably with access to the sea or ocean. What is your choice? Do you prefer warmth all year round or a whole range of temperatures with the changing season?

Earnings, Quality of Life

It is obvious that the quality of our life mainly depends on our earnings. If material goods are important to you, then you should choose a country where the economy is in great condition and the money earned there will be able to provide you with a decent life.

Culture, Religion

The last of these main factors when choosing a country you would like to live in is culture. If you currently live in America and you dream of living in Asia, then after moving to one of the Asian countries you may experience a culture shock. Asia is radically different from America in every respect.

When it comes to religion, you should also check what is the religious majority in your dream country. Of course, every religion is equal and the vast majority of people are tolerant of other religions, but you may prefer to live in a country where most people follow your religion.

Of course, Where Should I Live Quiz has many more detailed questions, thanks to which we will be able to answer where you should live with one hundred accurate precision!

How To Play The Quiz?

The rules of the quiz are very simple. You will have to answer 12 questions. Each question will be about you or your reaction to a given situation. Once you have answered all the questions, your answers will be analyzed in-depth, and on the last page of the quiz you will find out which country is best for you in all respects. Do not hesitate anymore and start the quiz!