What Are My Strengths? Quiz

what are my strengths quiz

Whether you’re preparing for a career or an extracurricular activity, you should start by learning more about your best attributes. Otherwise, you may pick a hobby that doesn’t match your skills. If you’re an excellent speaker, you should consider becoming a member of the debate team. “What are my strengths” is a common question. The quiz will help identify your strengths so you can pick the best career or hobby.

Each person is unique. Some are great at solving complex puzzles, while others are compassionate and eager to help. Learn more about your strengths below.

Why It Matters

Ultimately, you cannot ignore your attributes when attempting to pick a career or hobby. If you attempt to become a caregiver, even though you’re not compassionate, you’re likely going to hate your job. A doctor or nurse must be patient, caring, and compassionate. With these characteristics, the person will sincerely care and will work diligently to take care of their patients.

Other people are good at thinking on their feet and speaking in front of large crowds. These individuals should consider choosing other careers, such as becoming an announcer, politician, or interviewer. Suffice to say; it is vital to identify your strengths before determining which career is right for you.

Using your strengths to pick a hobby or career will increase the likelihood of success. Have you asked, “What are my strengths?” Finish the quiz to identify yours.

Best Strengths

What are the best strengths to have? Among the best strengths include being emotionally strong, compassionate, loving, and intelligent.

Being Emotionally Strong

Most people want to be described as being strong. Whether emotionally or physically strong, people associate strength with positivity. While this might be the case, it oftentimes leads to huge misinterpretations. Most fail to understand what it means to be classified as emotionally strong.

Controlling and shutting down feelings don’t necessarily equate with emotional strength. Instead, an emotionally strong individual can deal with these emotions in a safe way.


The path to happiness is love. A long, fulfilling life is all about surrounding yourself with people you love and people that love you. To be considered a loving individual, you need to be able to identify with self-sabotage. Being too loving or playing too loose with it is often how individuals end up in trouble.

While being loving is beneficial, it is pertinent to find a middle ground to avoid putting others before yourself. A loving person would make a good doctor, nurse, or caregiver.

You will get to know your strengths in a moment, but what is your weakness?


It is also good to be enthusiastic. Once you’ve become pessimistic about everything, you’ll have difficulty getting ahead. Surrounding yourself with negativity means that the outcome will likely be negative too. Instead, being enthusiastic can be a valuable strength, especially when you’re facing dire situations.

If your business is struggling to find new customers, pessimism isn’t going to help. You have to be confident and enthusiastic that you’re going to find enough customers to survive. However, you don’t want to be overly confident either because you may become cocky. Being enthusiastic is good, but you need to be realistic too.

Discover Your Strengths

Are you ready to identify your leading strengths? While you could evaluate your skillset and speak to friends, there is no guarantee that you’ll receive reliable answers. “What are my strengths?” If you’ve questioned this, take the quiz to identify your top strengths.

Once you’ve learned more about your skills and characteristics, you can pick better jobs and hobbies. You’ll have more success in these fields because they match your strengths. Don’t delay completing the quiz because the answers could change your life.

Answer a few simple questions to get the results in seconds.



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