QUIZ: Would You Survive A Zombie Apocalypse?

zombie apocalypse quiz

zombie survival quiz

Here comes the bloody apocalypse. People turn into strange creatures and eat each other. It looks like the zombie apocalypse has come. What are you doing? Can you survive a zombie apocalypse? Do you think you would find the perfect survival idea? Present your plan for survival in the Zombie Apocalypse Quiz and find out if you could survive.

Forget about everything that the zombie movies have taught you. In real life, things would be very different. Perhaps you think that you will build a cozy nest somewhere in a shopping mall or hotel - nothing could be further from the truth. The way to survive the zombie apocalypse consists of many logistic points, and only a true strategist would be able to survive the inevitable.

Would I survive a zombie apocalypse quiz is not just a test to see if you will survive. It is also a kind of exam if you can think logistically - if you would be able to cope not only with the zombie apocalypse but also with other sudden events that would force you to fight for your life.

Would you survive a zombie apocalypse?

When you think about getting through the zombie survival quiz, what comes to your mind first? You need to collect some important facts to buy: first of all, you need to know your opponent. Zombies most often move in packs, they are slow and thoughtless. Therefore, cities and other densely populated areas are areas of the high risk of failure. When a zombie attack occurs, you have to choose one of several possibilities, basically one of two.

Firstly, either you are barricading yourself somewhere safe and waiting for what will happen.

Or secondly, you run away somewhere where it will be safer, away from densely populated areas, where the zombie outbreak is much larger and you plan your further fate there.

What do you choose? This is the first and most important step you have to take. You have to make the right decision if you want to survive the zombie apocalypse quiz.

In the case of a zombie attack, both of the above variants are remarkable. The answer to the question of whether you are barricading yourself or going into action depends on many factors. On the one hand, there are more zombies in cities, so it's easier to face them, but we will also find more resources and food that we need to live. Zombies are not so smart, so you can easily hide from them. In fact, the only problem arises when we are locked in a small space and a group of zombies catch us.

As for the second variant, i.e. hiding somewhere outside large zombie concentrations, for example in the countryside or in forests, is a safer option. The only problem here is getting food. However, if you are familiar with fishing or catching other wild animals inhabiting forest areas, then you are definitely among the group of people who are more likely to survive the zombie apocalypse.

If you've already chosen one of the two variants above, it's time to arm yourself. Go on an endless journey or stay home and think about how to survive. Let your imagination run wild and try to imagine what exactly you would do, the first step you would take. A zombie apocalypse is something many people dream of, but would each of them be so confident in their abilities if it really did happen? Life is not a movie, and the day is not one of the episodes of "The Walking Dead". By the way, we also offer you a quiz about the Walking Dead, just to be sure.

Zombie apocalypse quiz

Enough of this talk, the zombie apocalypse quiz awaits your arrival. Go through all the questions and you'll find out if you could survive. Zombie Survival Quiz is a kind of test of your field and hunting skills, so be careful! Be careful, a group of zombies is waiting for you… are you sure you want to start the quiz? Good luck.



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