QUIZ: What Should I Make For Dinner? 100+ Ideas

what should I make for dinner

Don’t you have much time to prepare a meal because you have long invited guests coming over for dinner? And you don’t know what to make? Or maybe you are looking for an exquisite feast to welcome your new in-laws? Or perhaps you just came back from work tired, and you are looking for something quick and easy to prepare, but you don’t know what it should be. Anyway, if you’re still asking yourself, “What should I make for dinner?” then you’re in the perfect place!

It’s a perfect thing that you came to Quizondo! You will save a lot of time, and you will know what you should make for dinner in a moment! Maybe it will be beautifully served seafood, or perhaps a simple dish – pasta with vegetables? Don’t delay this decision even more; just go through the ‘what should I make for dinner?’ questions, and the answer will be clear!

What Should You Make for Dinner?

Dinner is the main meal that we should eat every day. Thanks to this, our body takes the most necessary resources, i.e., energy, minerals, and vitamins. An essential element of dinners is that they should be as varied as possible. After all, everyone would get tired of something they have to eat, e.g., every day for a week! Even a favorite dish is not worth preparing for a few days because it can also overeat us. And then the question comes to your mind: what should I make for dinner? Please don’t fret. In a moment, we’ll show you different lunch combinations that are both valuable and quick to prepare!


Everyone should eat fish at least once a week. They contain essential fatty acids (omega-3), vitamins A, D, E, B, and many essential minerals, such as magnesium, iron, potassium, and calcium. In stores, we can find many varieties of fish, so everyone can choose what they like at the moment. Some prefer cod or salmon, while others prefer halibut or flounder. Each of them differs in taste, so you have a lot to choose from!

You can prepare fish in many ways. If you care about time, you can marinate the fish a few hours in advance and then put it in the oven on parchment paper, accompanied by vegetables.

If you prefer to eat fattier dishes, a good solution is to coat a piece of fish in egg and flour and then fry it in a pan (you can deep-fry it). Add fries to your favorite salad, and dinner is ready!


Eating meat is as vital for us as eating fish. It is the primary source of complete protein. We should not consume it in excess, so the optimal number is 3-4 times a week. Meat is divided into two groups: white and red. White meat includes, for example, chicken, turkey, and rabbit. Meanwhile, red meat will consist of duck, goose, beef, and pork.

If you feel like cooking meat, you can do it in many different ways – from pan-frying traditional chops to grilling outdoors with friends. You could also make a meat stew with some basic vegetables (carrots, parsley) and top it off with buckwheat or barley groats and cucumber or lettuce.

If you are organizing a family party, you should do something special. 

These can be meat rolls with various fillings (vegetables, cheese), or you can bake a whole duck or goose in the oven, which will be stuffed inside. There are plenty of ideas! Do you already know what you should make for dinner?


Preparing pasta will be a great solution if you want to prepare food quickly. Just add, for example, fried, seasoned chicken and some of your favorite vegetables, and the dish is ready! One-pot dinner ideas are perfect for those who don’t like to spend a lot of time cooking! If you like Asian flavors, you can create an existing Japanese dinner with the addition of soy sauce!

Vegetarian Dishes

The following paragraph is for people who do not eat meat, fish, or seafood. If you belong to this group, no worries! We have a solution for you, too! You can prepare dinner from many substitutes that exist on the market. You can make lentil meatballs, carrot cutlets, fried noodles with tofu and vegetables, or shakshuka. It all sounds so tasty that you don’t know what to choose!

How to Play?

Have we given you even a little insight into what you should make for dinner? Don’t waste any more time if you are still thinking about this question! By answering these easy-to-go 15 questions, you will find out the best dinner option for your situation. Will it be a party for several guests or just lunch for work? Are you looking for unusual flavor combinations, or do you prefer traditional dishes? In just a moment, you will find out what you should make for dinner and get down to cooking!

All of us are lazy at times and don’t necessarily feel like preparing something to eat. That is why we come with help and offer “what should I eat? quiz“. Thanks to the quiz, you will learn new, unique recipes or simply find out what is interesting to eat out.



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