QUIZ: What Season Am I? Which 1 of 4 Seasons?

what season am I quiz

Have you ever wondered what season you are? What period does your beauty best fit into? If you were born in April, are you a spring? Which one are you closest to in terms of your character traits? If you would like to receive answers to such and many other questions, you couldn’t have come to a better place! Have you been asking yourself, “what season am I?” The quiz is the perfect tool to discover which season of the year you align with the most. We’ll help you find the answer to all these riddles, and you’ll find out which season, in terms of beauty and character, you most identify with! It may come as quite a surprise to you!

There are plentiful beauty-type tests. However, only one good quiz will help you find out what season you are in terms of total beauty and character! We will now describe each variant separately so that you can get acquainted with the breakdown of each season.


Spring belongs to the warm color style. It is characterized by a relatively fair complexion, which quickly gets a tan under the first rays of the sun. Despite this, blood vessels can easily be seen, which testifies to very delicate skin. Despite subdued complexion colors, peachy flushes can be seen on the cheeks. Spring is characterized by hair falling into warm tones, so blond colors in golden, honey, straw, and flaxen shades prevail in such people.

Spring people can have a range of eye colors: from blue to green to brown. It is recommended to complete your closet in vivid colors, sometimes breaking it with pastels. The character of people who identify with spring is amiable and cheerful. Such a person occasionally falls into anger. It should be borne in mind that the exaggerated concern and optimism that beams from such people can be tiresome to others.


Summer is a cool beauty type with a very fair complexion. Blood vessels are exceptionally well highlighted, and the complexion can even have shades of light pink. This type of beauty is dominated by dark eye color: from gray, green, blue-gray to light brown. A person with a summer beauty type also tans quite easily. The problem can occur if someone has a very light complexion. Then he will tan red, but this will turn into a light brown color after a few days.

If you are the beauty type, then always remember to apply a thicker layer of sunscreen! The hair of this beauty type will most often be platinum, light or dark brown, and ashy. If you have trouble keeping your hair in good condition, you should use the right shampoo. Summer should wear clothes in light and pastel tones. If you know someone who is summer, you probably have a tremendous amount of patience with him. Such a person is very changeable; you never know how he will react to a situation. Frequent mood swings can lead to the opinion that he is unbalanced.


People of the autumn type have a very warm complexion, from warm to cool shades, and there may also be freckles on the face. Brown or red hair is also a characteristic. Most often, you will notice that the eyes are green, peony, brown, or blue. Clothes in various shades of red, green, brown, and purple are best suited to such a person. Such people do not succumb to sudden emotions and love to resolve conflicts.


These are people with a cool beauty type. Their complexion is usually light and pale and sometimes even transparent. Hair always has a very dark shade, even falling into black. Eyes of brown, black, and occasionally blue are also dominant features. For a winter person, dark colors fit: from navy blue to black to dark purple and rose. In character, she is most often poised, hard-headed, and never panics.

Although you know what type of beauty you have, you may not be quite sure what color looks best on you. That’s why we recommend taking one of our quizzes.


You have already learned what characterizes each of the seasons. Does any of those describe you? If you’re unsure, answer the questions that will give you the exact answer! You will adjust your closet accordingly for your beauty type, and you will know the reasons for your behavior. “What season am I?” Don’t wait any longer, take the quiz now to find out which one aligns best with your personality, moods, and behaviors. It’s a fun and interesting way to understand yourself better.

Questions Preview

1. In your opinion, life is easier if:
  1. You have someone who will always help you
  2. You have money
  3. You have education
  4. You have the desire
2. You would describe your character as:
  1. Carefree and cheerful, quite impulsive
  2. Cheerful and joyful, optimistic
  3. Romantic and prone to reflection
  4. Inaccessible, rather serious, independent
3. How would you describe your complexion?
  1. It is bright, in a warm shade of beige
  2. It is light, in a pink shade. Small vessels can be seen
  3.  It is ivory in color
  4. I have a very light complexion, even transparent
  5. I have a dark complexion of skin
4. Are you an early bird?
  1. Yes, in the morning I not only feel better, but I am also more motivated
  2. No, I am 100% a night person
  3. Ah, better ask me again around noon
  4. It is constantly changing for me
5. Your natural hair color is:
  1. Blonde with a golden or honey shade
  2. Platinum blonde, light brown, dark brown, mousey color
  3. Red, carrot, copper, chestnut, golden brown
  4. Black, dark brown, dark grayish, blackish brown
6. What would make you the happiest?
  1. Winning the lottery
  2. A long weekend at the spa
  3. A trip to my beloved country
  4. Receiving lovely gifts
  5. A fun evening with friends
7. Are you more of an optimist or a pessimist?
  1. Definitely a pessimist
  2. Rather a realist
  3. It depends on the day and my mood
  4. Always an optimist
8. What do you do first?
  1. I act first, then think
  2. I think first, then act
  3. It varies
9. What does your perfect evening look like?
  1. Going to parties with friends until nighttime
  2. Watching a movie or TV series on the couch and lazing around
  3. Going out with your partner on a romantic date
10. What is your approach to life?
  1. Life is meaningless...
  2. Life is ok
  3. Life is beautiful!
  4. I don't know...
11. Do you find it challenging to make new friends?
  1. Very challenging
  2. I don't have a problem with it
  3. It depends on the situation
12. Which time of day do you choose?
  1. Dawn
  2. Noon
  3. Afternoon
  4. Twilight
  5. Evening
  6. Night
13. What color combination suits you best?
  1. Pastels
  2. Black, gray, white
  3. Blue, purple, pink
  4. Orange, red, yellow
  5. Green, blue, yellow
  6. Purple, pink, crimson
14. Is your mind full of new ideas and plans?
  1. No, I am rather not a creative person
  2. My mind is filled with them
  3. I have some ideas and plans, but I don't think about them all the time
15. What kind of people do you try to avoid?
  1. Those who are less intelligent than me
  2. Those who are not interested in fashion and the latest trends
  3. Those who have different views and beliefs
  4. Those who do not understand the word "NO"
  5. Those who want to be friends with everyone, but in reality are fake


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