Communication Style Quiz – Which One Is Yours?

communication style quiz

Communication style is how we express our emotions, needs, expectations, and how we express our thoughts. According to the concept we are going to focus on today, there are four communication styles. Once you’ve soaked in the insights from this read, we’ve got an exciting communication style quiz lined up for you. 

Four Styles Of Communication


People with an aggressive style express their needs and opinions without regard for the feelings of others. It is impossible not to recognize such a person because they use techniques of domination, intimidation, threats, and other aggressive elements. 

People with this style largely curse, blame, criticize, are rude, interrupt in the middle of a sentence, and are generally selfish. 

As in many personality disorders, such as sociopathy, this style is formed as early as childhood. Such a person often struggles with low self-esteem. Childhood experiences are transformed into aggression, under which fear lurks. Such a person had to learn to transform fear into anger from an early age, which incidentally enabled him or her to survive.

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People with a passive style don’t allow themselves to express their needs and opinions. After some time, feelings of hurt and grief build-up, and the person erupts inappropriately. After such an outburst, the person feels guilty and ashamed of his or her behavior and returns to the previous passive phase. 

A passive person will agree to any condition, cannot negotiate or win something for them, and does many things for others without asking for anything in return. Unless the measure is overflowing, they explode suddenly and seemingly without reason, apologizing endlessly and without restraint. 

Passive style is paid for by an overload of responsibilities and stress, depression, anxiety, a lack of control over one’s life, and an inability to cope. People may feel like they don’t know who they are because they constantly ignore their emotions and needs. 


People with this style outwardly appear amicable and gentle. In reality, they are constantly sabotaging and manipulating. We commonly call them two-faced. They will smile at you while simultaneously digging a hole under you. They can’t see their anger and never get into open conflict. They operate behind the scenes in a gray area. 

These people are usually full of grief and powerlessness but don’t realize it. They may openly say and believe they are conflict-free, like everyone. They will mumble to themselves when they are unhappy, make insults, and smile even though you can see their anger. They won’t admit to resentment. 

This style often arises in a violent environment or where the person has been punished for expressing their opinion. They must express themselves indirectly because their experiences and needs do not disappear.

Such people become lonely. They convince themselves of their absolute powerlessness, making it difficult for them to change. 


A healthy, direct style in which we say what we want in a way that does not violate the rights of others. An assertive person can politely say no, say they don’t like something, and give criticism in a non-hurtful way. 

It’s important to remember, however, that our communication style quiz reveals we can’t always be assertive. If we have been working for a short time, the boss asks us to do something – we should not necessarily refuse. There are other factors to consider. 

Also, learning the right tone and body language is imperative. Often people think they are assertive, but in fact, they are aggressive. 

A different level of assertiveness is allowed in women and another in men. The same assertive behavior in a man will be considered normal, and in a woman, it will be considered aggressive. 

How To Play?

Our uniquely crafted quiz is no ordinary questionnaire. It’s a window into the essence of your personality, designed to pinpoint your dominant communication style. As a bespoke and highly precise personality assessment, our communication style quiz sets the stage for intriguing insights about yourself.

A handful of engaging questions stand between you and the revelation of your unique communication style. 



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