What Color Is Your Aura? QUIZ – 5-Minute In-Depth Test


Aura is the phenomenon of observing the immaterial colors and shapes that surround us. Each of us has our own aura. It is multi-colored, but one color dominates in each of us. How do you check your primary aura color? According to many specialists in the field of magic, you need to know your life path number or be interested in numerology. However, there are other interesting ways to find out what color your aura is. The "what color is my aura quiz" comes in handy here. Thanks to our in-depth test, you will find out with complete accuracy what energy your body produces and how it reflects your personality and vitality.

Aura colors and meanings

There is an amazing number of colors that can appear in the human aura. Below we present the most common auras and their meanings. It is worth adding that the colors of the aura should be bright and clear. The darker the colors of our aura, the greater the likelihood that a person is struggling with health or spiritual problems.


Red is a solid color. It gives a person a strong ego and a desire to strive for many successes. This color has a dual nature. Its positive form relates to energizing and stimulating qualities. Red can represent physical courage. In turn, the negative qualities of red are nervousness and self-centeredness.


A very bright, expressive orange color indicates strength and vitality. This color is the primary color in the aura of intuitive people. People with this aura color are characterized by ease in establishing contacts and openness. They are also competent, intelligent, practical, and caring people. The negative qualities of people with an orange aura are laziness and indifference.


Yellow means intellect - a developed, cleansed mind. People with this aura color are characterized by an enthusiastic approach to life, sociability, and a fascination with the world. Such people like to express their personality differently, for example by painting, singing or dancing. In turn, the negative traits of such people are very often shyness and a tendency to lie.


Green is the color of balance and harmony. A love of nature characterizes people with a green aura. They are also balanced and restrained. They are trustworthy and tolerant. As for the disadvantages of such people, it is worth mentioning inflexibility and reluctance to change views.


The blue color of the aura is associated with the religious sensitivity and intuition of the person in whom it predominates. Blue is the perfect color. People gifted with this color are positive-minded enthusiasts. These people are incredibly happy and achieve various successes in life. They are also honest and generally say what they mean at the moment. However, like the other colors, blue is not without its flaws. Because it often happens that people of this color often start various projects and have a problem finishing them.


Violet means spiritual and intellectual development. People with predominant purple color in their aura have gone the farthest in their development path. These are people with the highest level of spirituality. The disadvantage of people of this color is haughtiness.


It is easy to guess that silver color refers to spiritual as well as material wealth. It is also a color that symbolizes caring, creativity, and good intuition. People of this color often lack motivation, which in turn makes them dreamers.


Brown is a combination of all colors. Some people combine it with business and entrepreneurship. It is often called the color of business people. People with a brown aura can be extremely physically attractive. They are also caring, sensitive, and helpful. Their disadvantage is the lack of assertiveness, and as a result, they are often abused.

what color is my aura quiz

It's incredible how much the color of our aura can tell about us. The question 'what color is my aura' is often asked because a person strives to know himself. Find out what color your aura is. You only need maximum concentration and peace to complete the process. Sit back, breathe slowly and start the 'what color is my aura quiz.' In a moment, you will feel joy and relaxation flowing through your body.

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