Am I Smart? QUIZ – How Smart Are You?

am I smart quiz

Nowadays, when social media and internet access have become commonplace, we can see that many people consider themselves smart. However, are they really like that? Internet philosophers, specialists, and other such personalities are pouring out on social media. However, should they consider themselves such? Do you think you are smart? Try to ace this ‘am I smart quiz,’ and the puzzle will surely be solved. We will answer whether you are closer to Albert Einstein or a chimpanzee. So what’s your general knowledge?

How do you know when someone is smart? After all, it is not just about education, professional status, or the position held. Social interactions, life choices, and attitudes can testify to human wisdom. So what does the perfect recipe for a smart person look like? There are quite a few ingredients, but we can distinguish a few fundamental ones. These are definitely openness, curiosity, and a sense of humor. So before you start the ‘am I smart quiz,’ read the extensive information about smart people.

What Is Wisdom?

Wisdom is, by definition, a kind of skill that enables us to make decisions that will give us concrete results in the long run. Smart people do better in life, make friends more easily, and are able to cope with any situation. They can meet such requirements as concern for health or dealing with a life tragedy. So what are the qualities and secrets of those smart people?

I Know That I Know Nothing

The Socratic paradox is timeless.

Probably the most important trait of wise people. Being aware of our own shortcomings, we open the door to development. It has been proven that the less intelligent you are, the more you overestimate your abilities. Smart people are aware that they are not all-knowing.


Smart people are curious about the world. They want to get to know new things, places, or people. They are interested in a much wider range of different issues.

Staying Calm

According to scientists, intelligent people do not react aggressively. Annoying behavior of random people, arguing in a bar, traffic jams. Neither of these situations will make an intelligent person upset. According to research, people with higher IQ are usually not aggressive in such situations.


Compassion is a key element of wisdom. People who see how others function, what problems they struggle with, their situation, and are not self-centered, but are able to show compassion, are truly wise. That is why reflection is important alongside compassion.

Am I Smart Quiz – How To Play?

To prove your smartness, you need to demonstrate a few fundamental features. We’ll ask you 15 tricky questions that cover a wide range of your skills. If you can answer each of them, then you will get the answer on how smart you are. To be considered as smart, you’d need to get at least 50% correct answers. Ready? Let’s get started!



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