QUIZ: Which Tragic Greek Figure Are You?

which tragic greek figure are you

Greek mythology features some of the most prolific figures. The folklore is comprised of fictional tales from the depths of ancient Greece. Followers of Greek mythology oftentimes imagine themselves as mythical Gods or Goddesses. Which tragic Greek figure are you? Take the quiz to find the answer.

Greek Mythology – Ancient Crete

Ancient Greek folklore rose up from the Minoan civilization (Bronze Age civilization) of Crete around 3000 BCE. Ancient Greek figures are known for their superiority, ruthlessness, and heinous actions. 

The works of Greek mythology lean more toward fiction, with a bit of non-fiction. Disproving or validating the accuracy of the tales was never possible. However, modern civilizations have prospered greatly from what the stories depict. 


As a Titan God, Prometheus was given an important task that some view as vital for modern civilization. Prometheus gifted mankind with fire 

which has proven valuable in nearly all settings. 

Prometheus’ story is conflicting as information tells several versions of his life. In addition to the gift of fire, some ancient folklore accredit the heroic figure for playing a role in Zeus winning the War of the Titans. 


Odysseus is one of the best-known tragic Greek figures. He was the King of Ithaca. More importantly, Odysseus is the protagonist from Homer’s poem The Odyssey. In addition to this, he was a part of Homer’s Iliad and appeared in other works. Odysseus was respected because he was so intelligent. Unfortunately, Odysseus is a tragic figure because some believe Athena turned him into a horse.

He would be a good match for intelligent, versatile people. 


Theseus is another popular figure from Greek history. He was the founder of Athens. Some believe he was the son of Poseidon, but others say he was the son of Aegeus. Theseus was raised by his mother before traveling to Athens. Once he arrives, he discovers that Aegeus is already married to Medea. She begins plotting against him. There are many legends surrounding this tragic figure.

One of the most stunning is the fact that he was able to kill a Minotaur. Unfortunately, Theseus would eventually not be a popular figure. After people in Athens turned against him, he was thrown off a cliff.


Icarus is an interesting Greek figure because he is the son of Daedalus, who created the labyrinth of Crete. At one time, Icarus and his father were imprisoned because King Minos believed they had told Theseus the secrets of the labyrinth. They were either locked in a large tower or the labyrinth. Thankfully, they were able to escape using wings created by Daedalus using clothes, blankets, and beeswax. Icarus was warned of complacency and hubris. His father told him not to fly too high or too low.

Unfortunately, he ignored his father’s commands. Once he got too close to the sun, the beeswax began melting, causing him to fall into the sea. Some believe the duo escapes using a ship. However, most agree that Icarus drowned because he didn’t listen to his father.

Find Your Tragic Greek Figure

Greek mythology is fascinating. Surprisingly, these stories and figures are still relevant today. There is a good chance that you will learn more about Greek mythology and Greek history in school. Have you ever wondered which tragic Greek figure you are? Our quiz can help you find the answer.

This quiz is about tragic figures, but you may also want to check which Greek god you are.

It was created with help from Greek historians who understand these figures from inside and out. The quiz requires participants to answer a few basic questions about their personalities and what they’d do in certain situations. Then, it will match you with a tragic Greek figure.

Complete the quiz in minutes to find out which tragic Greek figure matches your personality.



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