QUIZ: Am I A Good Person? Be 100% Sure!

am I a good person quiz

Nowadays, most of the population is rushing after their dreams, trying to make as much money as possible, and constantly competing with each other. Do you have time to think about something much more important in all this rushing? Are you a good person? Does your life consist only of mere pleasures, which you enjoy only, including yourself? By solving the Am I A Good Person Quiz, you will find the answer to this question! This way, you will know what you can still work on!

What Is This Quiz About?

At the outset, we will point out that each of us should strive to be a good person! When we surround ourselves with the right people, life looks quite different. Imagine that you got sick and couldn't go to school because of it. Because of your absence, you have not taken notes on an important lesson, from which you will later write a test. You will probably ask your classmate for the notes, but what if he does not want to lend them to you? He'll say that you weren't at that lesson and deal with it on your own now? You can see that such behavior is very unpleasant. You would probably be sorry that your colleague behaves in such a way and does not want to help you. Despite such an incident, is this colleague still a good person?

Characteristics of good people

Several qualities indicate that someone is a good person. We will now list the most desirable ones:


This word refers to the story of a sick student who wants to borrow notes from his colleague. Kind-hearted people will care about the welfare, well-being, and needs of the people around them. Such people will be more than willing to help you in difficult times! If you surrounded yourself with kind people alone, believe you would not know the concept of evil in your life. Cultivate such a disposition in your daily life, and you will find that others will repay you with the same!


Good people will always try to tell the worst truth to the other person instead of lying. Honesty is one of the main values they will cherish at all costs. They are sincere to others in a careful way so as not to accidentally offend their fellow man. By possessing this trait, they gain a lot of respect and recognition in the society.


A reasonable person will never look down on others. Even though he has an unimaginable amount of money, several mansions, and luxury cars, he will not boast about it or feel superior to others. Humility in the lives of good people is also manifested by enjoying small things. A humble person will be content with the fact that the sun is shining outside his window and he has people around him whom he loves endlessly. He does not demand unimaginable things from life but is happy with what he already has.


A good person does not expect something in return at the first better opportunity. If he can help a situation, he does not immediately count on benefits for himself. He does everything for another person's good, even if he should suffer.


Good people willingly invite others under their roof. They gladly invite them into their home if they find a person in need. In doing so, they are cordial and able to provide care so that the person in need feels at home.

If the above characteristics describe you perfectly, and yet you still wonder - "what is wrong with me?", it is time to change that.


You already know what qualities are desirable to call yourself a good person. Life becomes better through mutual, selfless help. Through exemplary behavior towards other people, you will receive the same from them. Remember - what you give always comes back to you!

Do you possess any qualities that good people have? If you think you have at least half of them, can you call yourself a good person? Take this quiz, and you will find out what kind of person you are. You may find out what you need to practice a little more. If you get an unsatisfactory answer, remember you still have time to change. All is not yet lost!



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