What Is Wrong With Me? QUIZ – A Valuable Lesson

what is wrong with me quiz

Due to recent failures, is there a thought in your head about what is wrong with you? Do you worry about what is happening to you through your problems at work? Or maybe your heart matters are getting complicated all the time and you are looking for an answer to the question what is wrong with you? Most people who stumble over obstacles that arise unexpectedly in their lives, be it professional or love life, look to blame themselves. They blame themselves for everything that went wrong. They are convinced that what is wrong in their lives is due to their ineptitude and flaws. Are you one of the people who think this way? If so, then this 'what is wrong with me quiz' is for you! Solve it and you'll find out what's wrong with you! All your previous concerns will be answered and you will have time to analyze it!


The question of what is wrong with me arises in people who are in crisis, are emotionally or physically exhausted, and need a moment to breathe. Life in these times is not easy. Time rushes like crazy, and the daily race makes our brain tired of it all. It also has a negative impact on our self-esteem, the hierarchy of values ​​, and our emotional state. Man becomes exhausted to the limit and is unable to look at certain matters with a distance. Coming home, all he dreams about is taking a shower and going to bed. He is starting to lack the will to live...

At this point, the question arises, what is wrong with me that I do not feel like spending time together with friends, spontaneous outings, or physical activity? Then it is worth considering what is the reason for such a change in our behavior? Is it due to overwork or just laziness - am I lazy? In this case, we should also brainstorm what we really care about and for what purpose do we rush through life?

The next reason we ask ourselves what's wrong with me is appearance. Internet portals are full of photos of the so-called ideals. The perfect woman, the perfect man, the perfect figure, the shape of the buttocks, and the size of the breasts. Would you like to look like him/her?

Sometimes when we look at even retouched photos of different people, we compare them to ourselves. The question then arises: why? Why can she look misshapen, has no fat all over her body, has a beautiful waist, long legs, and shiny hair? Why can't I look like this too? I, all I can do is dream… no one will even look at me! How do I look compared to her!

After such photos, there is a clash with reality. We start to criticize and blame ourselves. We wonder "what is wrong with me that I look like this?". We do not realize that we are striving for an ideal that does not exist. Everyone is beautiful, no matter their hair color, breast size, height, or weight. Everyone likes something different! So why should you be like everyone else?

Another example where most people think "what's wrong with me?" are love failures. Another failed relationship? Or maybe you have not found your second half for a long time? Don't feel bad about yourself and don't take all the blame on yourself! These situations can be quite independent of you. Such a problem may be the result of a bad educational method, already in the early years of life. It can also be the result of your parents' divorce in your childhood or a loss of trust years ago. It is possible that you didn't get enough love as a child. Don't blame yourself for everything! You may not even be able to influence it, and you are pestering yourself all the time! You can get help from specialists to better understand this.

What Is Wrong With Me Quiz

Do you also repeat the thought in your head like a mantra "what is wrong with me"? Are the above-mentioned situations familiar to you from somewhere? Or maybe this question relates to other events in your life? Do you have a reason to worry that something went wrong again, or is it just a coincidence? Take this 'what is wrong with me quiz' and you will see if it is really your fault! You will find out if you should work on yourself or forget about this cumbersome question!