QUIZ: Am I A Witch? Learn The Shocking Truth!

am i a witch quiz

Who would believe that nowadays, when technology is developing at an alarming pace, and all manifestations of supernatural powers are taken with a pinch of salt, we can even think about witches? Perhaps witches are closer to us than we think? If you believe that witches, whispers, or whatever you call them, exist, or think you might be one of them, then the “Am I a witch?” quiz is the perfect way to check it!

Signs That You May Be A Witch

Who knows, maybe you have supernatural powers that you don’t even know about. If things that are hard to explain appear frequently in your life, you may be a witch, and you don’t even know it. The following tips will help you recognize some of the characteristics of witches. Read them carefully and start the “Am I a witch?” quiz to learn the truth about yourself.

You Feel Connected With Nature Since Childhood

Instead of going crazy in the playground, you prefer to take a walk in the park or forest. You are strongly influenced by the moon or the sun. The music of nature, like the rustle of trees, rain, or storms, is the most beautiful sound you’ve ever heard. Contact with nature calms you down, and you cling to it subconsciously. You also strive to live according to its rhythm. Every Sabbath and other holidays that witches celebrate is related to changes that occur in nature. For most witches, it is through contact with nature that this great magical adventure begins. So if, from childhood, you feel a strong bond with nature, it may mean that you are an unaware wizard or witch.

You Have Been Interested In Magic Since Childhood

You always stopped by the windows with magical items when you went to the store with your parents. At home, you lit incense sticks, and it is easy for you to write spells. You subconsciously know what to do when something hard to explain is happening around you. Nothing happens by accident, so if you remember that you performed some magical activities as a child, and people who have the same view of the world as the title stand in your way, it means that you are on the right path to being a witch.

You Have Psychic Abilities

You have no difficulties in practicing meditation; you can work with your energy, and you can easily work with magical objects, such as a pendulum. Maybe you have a gift of precognition, highly developed intuitions, or maybe you have prophetic dreams, or you are very sensitive to the astral world. These signals may indicate that you are about to enter the path that will lead you to be a witch.

A Taste For Weirdness

Do you have a strange collection of unusual things? Do you find relatively trivial objects extremely fascinating? Everything related to nature – from branches to bird feathers is beautiful to you in its own way. If you notice all these quirks in nature, it could also be a sign that you are a witch.

Connection With The Elements

As with the moon, a strong relationship with the elements is another indicator of you as a natural witch. People born with this gift tend to surround themselves with it and use it in their daily lives. If you love water or greatly appreciate land and crops, you may be a witch.

Perhaps all the strange things happening around you have to do with something else entirely. If most of the things you can’t explain happen in your home, then the cause may be completely different. If you suspect that supernatural powers may have haunted your home, decide to solve the Is My House Haunted Quiz. You will learn the answer with one hundred percent efficiency.

Am I A Witch Quiz – How To Play?

If the above signals fit you perfectly and your assumptions are true, then the “am I a witch?” quiz will finally decide if you are one of them. The quiz contains 15 carefully selected questions that will definitely answer your expectations. Try to think as deeply as possible when answering each of the questions. Perhaps some things are ingrained in your mind. Some questions will surely refresh your memory, and you will be surprised when you get the quiz result.



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