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What do I want for my birthday

The day when you will celebrate your next birthday is approaching, and you don’t know what you want to get. What do I want for my birthday? Do you recall your previous gifts from your loved ones and think that you already have everything? Or maybe nothing has satisfied you so far? At this point, we come to help you! By solving this quiz, you’ll find out what you want for your celebration! Soon, you will tell your friends what you would like to get. By answering the questions, everything will become clear, and the idea for your dream gift will turn out to be easier than you think!

Depending on whether you are a man or a woman, there are a whole host of gifts that you can be gifted with. It may seem that a gift for a woman is easier to find than one for a man because there is a much more extensive selection of gifts available in stores. “What do I want for my birthday?” you might ask. Before you ponder on that, we will now give you some examples of gifts that you might like and would like to get yourself!

Birthday Gifts For Women

If you are a woman and you do not like to get so-called “dust collectors,” which include various decorations, such as figurines, macramé, and decorative vases, then the perfect idea is something that you can use. Perhaps a good quality coffee or tea mix would be a good gift? If you are a gourmet, we can offer you handmade chocolates with pieces of fruit, which come in various combinations and flavors. Such a gift would be both tasty and eye-catching with its quality craftsmanship and beautiful packaging!

What if you are on a diet and would like to indulge in a bit of indulgence on your birthday? No need to worry, it’s possible! You can ask your loved ones to buy you a treat that has a healthier, natural substitute – xylitol – instead of the sugar contained in, for example, chocolate. You also have another solution – ask for dark chocolate! Do you think an edible product could be the gift you want to get for your birthday? Think about it, because you would be sure that such a present would not go to waste!

Another great idea would be a bottle of your favorite perfume, a good quality facial, or full-body cosmetics that you couldn’t afford yourself. 

Take a look through your make-up bag and see if there’s anything missing that would make a good birthday present. After all, daily skincare rituals are significant to keep your skin in good condition. Now, natural cosmetics that don’t contain harmful substances have become popular. If you have a bathtub, maybe a relaxing bath lotion with an exciting scent or a set of bath balls will be just the right gift. If you own a shower, you will also find something for yourself! Harmless shampoo or shower gel is sure to come in handy. Maybe that’s the kind of gift you’d like to get for your birthday?

On the other hand, if you are the kind of person who likes to have a lot of decorations at home and you have something standing in every corner, why not ask for something like this? Maybe a beautiful living room accessory in the form of a painting will be a shot in the arm? Or perhaps even better! Perhaps you want to get a painting for your birthday that you can paint yourself? It’s nothing if you are not an artist and have trouble painting a flower. There are paintings you paint by numbers, and the set includes brushes and paints, and you’re ready to go! Such a gift will create great satisfaction for you that you can do something on your own! Have you considered such a surprise?

Before you find out what your birthday wish should be, consider taking a few other quizzes. For example, what ‘martial art should I learn?‘ or ‘what instrument should I play?‘. Perhaps someone close to you will give you a martial arts pass or buy you an instrument?

Birthday Gifts For Men

If you are a man and have a dilemma about what you would like to get, there are many ideas.

If you like activities in different forms and enjoy exercising, how about something that will care for your fitness? Weights, boxing gloves, or a swimming kit. Maybe those are things you don’t already have at your place? For men who lead a quieter lifestyle, a good gift can be the latest PlayStation or XBOX game that they do not have in their collection yet.

On the other hand, if you are a fan of motorization, maybe you will be happy with a voucher for a one-hour Lamborghini ride on a race track. 

How about a flight in a wind tunnel if such speed scares you? There are a whole bunch of ideas. If you’re still not convinced, ask yourself, “What do I want for my birthday?” Everything will become apparent in a split second.

How To Play The ‘What Do I Want For My Birthday Quiz’?

Have you already decided what you would like to get for your birthday? If you still haven’t, don’t be sad! What do I want for my birthday? Go through the questions in this, and it will turn out that you haven’t even thought of such a thing! By answering the 15 questions, you’ll find out what would be the best gift for you! Maybe it will be a new set of bedding or a bungee jump? Get over your fear; it’s your birthday! Don’t wait any longer. Take the quiz, and you won’t believe you haven’t thought of such a gift before!



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